Tvarminne from the air in the summer

taken by Suomen ilmakuva oy

A map, showing the location of Tvärminne

Tvärminne Zoological Station (together with Lammi Biological Station and Kilpisjärvi Biological Station) belongs to the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki. It serves as a centre for a large variety of high quality biological research, carries out environmental monitoring, and offers facilities for field courses, symposia and seminars. Through these activities it also contributes to the “third task” of the universities: interaction with the surrounding society.

Tvarminne in wintertime

taken by Antti Nevalanen

From May to September the Station is fully occupied by scientists and students engaged in natural phenomena in the brackish-water Baltic Sea and the neighboring archipelago of thousands of islands. However, towards the end of the summer, many of the biologists and other natural scientists return to Helsinki leaving lecture rooms, accommodation facilities and catering services available for e.g. international meetings and symposia as well as for courses and seminars in non-biological disciplines.

Tvarminne from air

taken by Suomen ilmakuva oy

Tvärminne Zoological Station was founded in 1902 by Johan Axel Palmén, then Professor of Zoology at the Uni versity of Helsinki, as a private endeavor. His aim was to establish a coastal field station in an area with great envi ron mental diversity and thus good possibilities for research. Under the terms of Professor Palméns will, the Station passed on to the University of Helsinki in 1919.


taken by Petri Puromies