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STUDENT Do you want to learn new, are you inspired by entrepreneurship or are you still looking for your own path in the working life. Do you want support for creating your dream job, finding your own business idea or a bunch of people to do things together? Via Helsinki Think Co. you can network with like-minded people, find yourself a team and spar your ideas with mentors and experts. Come join or organize events or just use the space for your own work and get help for your ideas from the hosts.

RESEARCHER Do you need help for evaluating your business idea, forming your business plan, starting up your own firm or collaborating with existing companies? Helsinki Think Co. will help you to find your way of turning your research to solutions and business, give support from a like-minded community and an empowering network. Contact us or pop in to discuss your ideas.

ALUMNI Have you studied in Helsinki University and  are interested in entrepreneurship and supporting students, resarchers and their ideas? You are welcome to become a part of Think Co community and improve your own ideas and share your skills. You can also become a mentor for a starting entrepreneur or come and tell your own story of success and failures. Tell the hosts how you would like to get involved!

ENTREPRENEUR Do you have experience in entrepreneurship, that you would like to share for the good of the community and to encourage would-be-entrepreneurs? Are you looking for like-minded team-mates or do you want to grow and improve your business. From our community you can find people to work with, partners, fresh thinking and peer support. Join the happenings and come to the space and ask for contacts from the hosts. And tell them if you would like to be an example of the versatility of academic entrepreneurship on our “We did it” gallery.

BUSINESS Do you need fresh ideas and a new viewpoint? Is your business lacking a certain talent? Come get aquainted with Helsinki Think Co. -community and challenge us for innovating new solutions.

PARTNER Do you want to be involved in creating opportunities and  business, which are driven by the will to make the society and environment more sustainable ethically, ecologically and economically? Come along in developing Helsinki Think Company.