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ThinkCo. space is a communal space for the entrepreneurial-minded at Vuorikatu 5, right next to Kaisa library. It is open from Monday to Friday 10am-6pm. It is open for everyone – from in- or outside University of Helsinki, to students, researchers, teachers, startups, business partners and to those who want to help others out.

At ThinkCo. you can work with your project, have a meeting, have a chat with other users by a cup of coffee, take part in an event or organize one yourself. The space is also available outside opening hours upon request.

The basic principles of Helsinki Think Company are openness and collaboration. When you share your business idea in every possible occasion, you will discover unexpected helpers, tips and contacts who take you forwards. At best they become enthusiastic customers, who help you to test things in practice.

Think Co. community is supported by a service-orientated host-team. Our hosts combine ideas and people, and via the community you can find new customers, partners, mentors, experts, ideas and experiences.

  • Host team will provide you tips, support and assistance in both using the space and the services provided by our partners. Whether you need assistance for the future of your working life, sparring for your business ideas or other phases of your business life, Think Co. will support you
  • e-mail
  • phone 09 191 40883/050 319 9624


Elina Uutela

Elina is a student of University of Helsinki, but had an long, quite teaching affair with entrepreneurial activities around Aalto University. She is interested in technology, design and especially people – how people act and why. Elina sees entrepreneurship as the best way to change things and solve problems.

Find her on Twitter, Slideshare & LinkedIn. Call her maybe (040 845 0330) or send an e-mail (



Laura Ekholm

Laura is from Helsinki, born and bred. At the moment she is studying in Faculty of Arts, majoring in ethnology but has an intensive relationship with Faculty of Social Sciences. Her goal this year is to make Think Company an easy place to come and make magic happen. Laura thinks that multidisciplinary is the keyword to success!


MattiMatti Ahlgren

Matti’s background is in the University of Industrial Arts and Design and as a visual designer he feels symphaty for other entrepreneuers in the creative industry. At the moment Matti studies in the Faculty of Science and encourages everyone to explore different studies and meet new people. He believes in doing things and making ideas work.


NiinaNiina Sarén

Niina is interested in all things social and is therefore studying sociology in the faculty of social sciences. Saving the world from all kinds of wicked problems has always been on her to do –list. She sees Think Company as a way to take action, bring people together and make things happen.