Feeling excited!

At the moment we are sitting in a café near the harbour waiting for departure to Stockholm. The next week will be full of work, good times, new ideas, work, food, drinks, laughs, new friends and a whole lot of more work. But right now we´re just plain excited about going there and already feeling inspired.

For months we have been bouncing ideas on brew-related business models mainly inside the box. Now we feel like we are finally hopping (get it?) out of it and going further. For us this academic bootcamp is all about meeting inspiring people who we believe will help us  gain new insights and different views on our business.

We are happy that finnish beer culture is in a developing state. Yet we feel like there is a fitting niché for both in products and services, that we need to fill. Our business model includes both brewing unique products for consumers and providing educational experiences for groups. Our mission: a better beer culture!

From Stockholm we hope to bring home confidence in our ideas and a pretty well thought-out business plan. Although we already have our ideas, they are not all set in stone – on the contrary we will be actively putting ourselves in situations where we have to think fresh. Actually as we are sitting in the café right now eating gelato, we have already got a bunch of great ideas e.g how to incorporate icecream-making into our brewpub…

[EDIT] We couldn´t get this post online, and as we are now feeling the first morning, the excitement is somewhat diluted with last nights brasilian beers at the ferry… But now that´s out of our system and we can start really concentrating in the upcoming events. We are particularly super-excited to host a beer 101 on friday;)


Happy campers,

Ville and Pettu