Volume 1 Special Issue on Translation Studies


The Electronic Journal of the Department of English
at the University of Helsinki


ISSN 1457-9960

Volume1, 2001
Translation Studies Edited by Ritva Leppihalme


Ritva Leppihalme

Lander in Translation, or Casting A Long Shadow of Replenishment
Seija Paddon

A Translator’s View of Translation Norms
Alice Martin

An Insider’s View on Transformation and Transfer in International News Communication: An English-Finnish Perspective
Kristian Hursti

Phantom Hunting: Tracking Down the Initiator of Translations
Petra Kaseva

Translating Tristram Shandy
Kersti Juva

‘A Fine Kettle of Fish’: Exploring Textual Norms in Finnish Subtitles
Susanna Jaskanen

A Journey to Another Time and Place: How a Victorian Children’s Classic was Translated in Postwar Finland
Irma Hagfors

Norms and Storms: Pentti Saarikoski’s Translation of J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye
Laura Routti

Respect or Ridicule: Translation Strategies and the Images of A Foreign Culture
Anne-Marie Lindfors

Heteroglot Soldiers
Marja Suominen

Graphic Equivalence in Translated Texts: A Statistical Approach
Ljuba Tarvi

Notes on Contributors

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