Volume 6 English as a Lingua Franca

The Electronic Journal of the Department of Modern Languages, English Unit at the University of Helsinki

ISSN 1457-9960

Volume 6, 2010

Special Issue on English as a Lingua Franca



Helsinki English Studies

Volume 6

20 December 2010







Anna Mauranen & Niina Hynninen


Introduction (pp. 1–5)
Anna Mauranen & Niina Hynninen

Features of English as a lingua franca in academia (pp. 6–28)
Anna Mauranen

“We try to to to speak all the time in easy sentences” – Student conceptions of ELF interaction (pp. 29–43)
Niina Hynninen

Lecturers’ questions and student perception of lecture comprehension (pp. 44–57)
Jaana Suviniitty

English as a lingua franca lecturers’ self-perceptions of their language use (pp. 58–74)
Diane Pilkinton-Pihko

“This is not criticism, but…” – Softening criticism: The use of lexical hedges in academic spoken interaction (pp. 75–87)
Niina Riekkinen

Hard to ignore: English native speakers in ELF research (pp. 88–101)
Ray Carey

New genre resources in academia: Self-evaluation in academic portfolios (pp. 102–117)
Anna Solin

Backchannels and repetition in ELF in a hairdressing setting (pp. 118–131)
Riikka-Liisa Lammi


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