Fireballs of ischemic stroke

Hi Everyone!

My name is Katariina Järvinen, and I am a second-year master’s student in the Translational Medicine program at the University of Helsinki. I conducted my master’s thesis research during summer 2020. One of the aims of my project was to evaluate the potential of different phagocytosis related genes on enhancement of microglia phagocytosis.

Working as a HiLIFE research trainee in Mikko Airavaara’s research group, I learned many new skills, for example culturing of cells, and gained valuable practical experience from working in a laboratory. In addition, I was able to widen my professional network. Overall, I was impressed with how the whole group works together: if something doesn’t go as planned, there is always help available and multiple people giving ideas on tackling the issue or guidance in proceeding with another suitable method.

Here is a picture of BV2 microglia 1 hour after adding phagocytosis bioparticles. Inside the cells the bioparticles react to pH change and give red fluorescence signal.

Being HiLIFE Research Trainee met all of my expectations despite COVID-19 restrictions. I’m happy that I got to do my traineeship in a research group that is doing research that excites me and that my project has high scientifical value to the members of the group. The results gained during the traineeship will be validated in ischemic stroke in vivo study.

I am deeply grateful to Mikko Airavaara and my supervisor Helike Lõhelaid for their support and guidance during my traineeship and after it. I would also like to thank HiLIFE for supporting me in my early career in medical research.

Here you can read more about neuroprotection and neurorepair group.

Katariina Järvinen

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