About the project

Historical Consciousness in Finland is a multidisciplinary research project surveying the conceptions of the past held by people living in Finland. The project aims to study what Finns think about the past and how their conceptions of the past influence their views on the present and their expectations of the future. A survey sent in total to 4000 (1000 in pilot phase, 3000 in main survey phase) persons investigating their historical consciousness is collected during the year 2009. In addition to the survey, a number of interviews among the survey respondents will be collected in 2010. Additional research will concentrate on more specific themes and groups of respondents, including juveniles and minorities.

Historical Consciousness in Finland project is inspired by the Youth and History project, a European survey of some 30 000 respondents which was realized after the fall of the Berlin wall in the 1990’s. Similar projects studying the historical consciousness on a national level in the United States, Australia and Canada have also served as examples.

The project is led by Pilvi Torsi (D.Soc.Sc.) and the project is coordinated by the Department of Social Science History at the University of Helsinki. Researchers and students from various faculties working in many different areas of interest are associated with the present project.

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