The Historical Homicide Monitor (HHM) is a project and network which aims at standardized analysis of homicide over the long time span. The HHM codebook allows criminologists and historians to transform qualitative information on lethal violence to (mostly) quantitative format. With the instrument, homicide can be analyzed in a uniform manner, enabling comparisons between areas and over time, in the dimension of long duration.

Many of the HHM variables are identical or compatible with the European Homicide Monitor (EHM). This creates comparability with modern homicide data.

The use of HHM has no time or area limitations. It can be used for any historical period and in any part of the world. Its main application domain is lethal violence. The codebook can be freely used by researchers world-wide.

The HHM was developed in the research project “Nordic Homicide from Past to Present” (NHPP), funded by the Nordic Research Council for Criminology in 2018-2019.