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Abder-rahman Gil, Ismael
MA, doctoral student
Department of Asian and North African Studies, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
Research interests: Urban literature; Geocriticism; Amman in Jordanian literature; Narratives on the city; cultural studies

Ahonen, Mirka
MA, doctoral student
Department of French Studies
University of Turku, Finland
Research interests: Paris and female figures in French literature

Ameel, Lieven
Dr., docent, senior lecturer in comparative literature
Literary studies, Tampere University
Research interests: city in literature, future cities, literary perspectives on urban planning

Amelii, Niccolò
PhD candidate
Doctoral Programme in Languages, Literature and Cultures in Contact
Department of Modern Languages, Literature and Cultures
Superior School “d’Annunzio”
University “d’Annunzio” of Chieti-Pescara
Areas of interest: urban literature, city novel, representation of the metropolis in the Anglo-American novel of twentieth century, the role of the city in the Italian literature from the twentieth century to today.

Amey, Evgenia
MA, PhD candidate
Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies
University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Research interests: literary travel, fiction-inspired travel, cultural studies

Aslam, Zeeshan
M.Phil Scholar Researcher
Department of English Literature and Language at Government College University, Faislabad
Research interests: city in literature, urban narratives, urban space, spatial theory, literary representation of Karachi, Lahore and Anglophone Pakistani fiction

Antonenko, Irina
MA, Academic teacher, doctoral student
University of Gdansk
Research interests: urban narratives, literary representation of New York

Banerjee, Swarnima
PhD candidate
Doctoral Programme
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
Research interests: urban crimes, city literature, detective fiction, spatial literary studies, postcolonial studies, Vernacular Bengali literature

Bar-Itzhak, Chen
MA, doctoral student
Department of Hebrew Literature
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Research interests: Haifa in Hebrew and Arabic literatures; hybridity and space; literary representations of mixed cities; utopia and the city.

Barnes, Alicia
PhD, Research Officer and Independent Scholar
Queen Mary University of London
Research interests: nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century public transport, public transport as public space, travel writing, identities and conflicts within public transport, nineteenth-century urbanisation

Basaldua-Sun, Sophia
Ph.D., independent comparative literature scholar, New York City
Research interests: decolonial urbanism, the metropolis as a decolonial urban signifier, late nineteenth to early twentieth century depictions of New York, Buenos Aires, and Paris in prose literature

Başar, Deniz 
PhD, FRQSC post-doctoral fellow, visiting scholar at Atatürk Institute of Modern Turkish History, Boğaziçi University
Part-time lecturer in Bahçeşehir University Conservatory, Theatre Department
Research interests: Performance studies, Public sphere studies, Puppetry and Material Performance, Modern Turkish History, Contemporary Urban Resistances and their aesthetics

Beckmann, Sydney 
Ph.D. Candidate
American Indian Studies, University of Arizona
Research Interests: religion, race, and colonialism; mobility and displacement; Indigenous experiences with urbanity and the racialization of land and bodies

Beltrami, Marzia
MPhil, PhD candidate
School of Modern Languages and Cultures (Italian dept.)
Durham University, United Kingdom
PhD project: “The spatial dimension of narrative understanding”
Research interests: interrelations between space and narrative, form and plot types, cognitive literary criticism

Beltrán de Heredia, Edurne
PhD Student in Spanish literature/culture
School of International Letters and Cultures
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ, USA
Research interests: Jewish and Muslim urban spaces in Spain/Latin American literature, critical theory, comparative literature, women in religion, comparative diaspora studies and migration

Bhattacharya, Riya
MSc in Geography, Doctoral student
Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bengaluru, India
Research interests: Urban governance, Suburban growth, Migration, Urban planning, Basic urban services and infrastructure, Urban poverty and slums, and urban informality.

Bickers, George Francis
PhD Candidate, English and American Studies
University of Manchester
PhD Project: ‘Altered Presents, Imagined Futures: Spatial and Literary Prefiguration in Los Angeles, New York, and London, 1960-1980.’
Research Interests: Spatiality, protest and resistance, anarchism, (anti)police and state violence, civil subversion, intersections between space and writing as political/activist tool.

Biela, Katarzyna
MA, PhD candidate
Institute of English Studies
Jagiellonian University, Poland
Research interests: liberature and multimodal literature, theatre, literature of place

Bora Barman, Kalpana
Faculty Department of English, Cotton University, India
Research interests: Narratives of the urban, Space and representations, Ecological Literature, Literature of North East India, Gender Studies

Borch, Adam
MA, doctoral student
English Language and Literature
Åbo Akademi University
Fabriksgatan 2
20500 Turku, Finland
Tel:  +358 40 777 2417

Borosch, Juliane
MA, doctoral student in the Department of Anglophone Studies at the University of Duisburg-Essen as part of the “Scripts for Postindustrial Urban Futures: American Models, Transatlantic Interventions” graduate research group
Research interests: Transnational American Studies, Urban Studies, Narrative and Space, Popular Culture and Seriality

Bottà, Giacomo
PhD, Researcher
Deutsches Volksliedarchiv
Forschungseinrichtung des Landes Baden-Württemberg zu Populärer Kultur und Musik
Freiburg i.Br., Germany;
Research interests: Berlin in the 1990s, German popliteratur, cultural representations of Europeancities

Brecciaroli, Giulia
MA, doctoral student
School of Modern Languages and Cultures (SMLC)
University of Warwick, United Kingdom
Research interests: urban perceptions and representations in literature, post-war Italian narrative, Italian crime fiction tradition

Brown, Mark
PhD Senior Lecturer in American Literature
Staffordshire University
Department of English and Creative Writing
Research interests: the American metropolis in literature and film, New York writing, Paul Auster, Cultural Geography, urban cultures.

Cardoso, Tânia A.
PhD Candidate, illustrator and urbanist
Doctoral Programme in Artistic Research
Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis
Faculty of Humanities, University of Amsterdam
Research interests: walking in the city, drawing in situ, urban comics and graphic novels, urban illustration, comics as infrastructure, collective urban storytelling and the artistic expression and the impact of the city in the illustrator’s drawings.

Chaturvedi, Shivangi
Ph.D. Research Scholar in Department of English, Faculty of Arts
Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India
Research interests: Cities in Literature, Spatiality, Hybridity and Third Space in Indian Diasporic Literature, Indian Writing in English, South Asian  Literature

Chebinou, Emma
PhD, Visiting assistant professor
Allegheny College (until May 2022), PA
Research interests: Second and Third Generation of Immigrant and Diaspora in Literature; Performances: Film; Hip-Hop, Stand-Up Comedy, Sports; Twentieth and Twenty First century French & Francophone studies; African (North and Sub-Saharan) and Caribbean Literature; Gender studies, Postcolonial studies; African-American Studies.

Chen, Hairong
Ph.D., Lecturer, Department of English
Hanghzou Normal University, China
Research interests: Architecture Narratives, Materiality of /in Literature, Urban Literature, Material Culture Studies.

Chow, Clara
Writer, journalist, editor ( and teaching associate
School of Humanities
Nanyang Technological University
Fiction works: Dream Storeys (Ethos, 2016); Modern Myths (Math Paper Press, March 2018)
Research interests: Inter-disciplinary collaborations in urban landscape and architecture, urban histories and futures, architectural writing, the short story, Singapore literature

Chudoba, Minna
Dr. Sc.Tech., M.Arch.,
University Lecturer
Tampere University of Technology / School of Architecture
P.O. Box 600
Research interests: history of urban planning, especially late 19th century and early 20th century (with the modernist tradition), urban morphology

Cengiz, Nuran Buket
Writing Center, Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey
Research interests: modern Turkish literature, Marxist literary theory, cultural studies, critical theory, and critical urban theory

Ciattini, Rebecca
MA, doctoral student
Department of Asian and North African Studies, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice / Faculty of Philosophy, University of Heidelberg
Research interests: Urban Poetics and Urban Literature, Persian Literature.

Coppin, Chiara
Doctoral student- Romance literatures
Department of Literary, Linguistics and Comparative Studies
Università degli studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”, Italy
Research interests: modern cities in Italian literature; Paola Masino’s novel Periferia; historical novels set in Naples; Italian theater.

Cortés, Orly
Doctoral student, Comparative Literature
Facultad de Filosofía y Letras
Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México
Research interests: Mexico City’s representations in Literature and Visual Arts; City and Gender Studies

Cran, Rona
Lecturer in Twentieth-Century American Literature
University of Birmingham, UK
Research interests: C20th American poetry; New York art, writing, and music; urban cultures; gentrification; activist/protest literatures; material culture.

Cruccolini, Cecilia
MA, PhD candidate
Department of Interpretation and Translation (DIT)
Forlì campus, University of Bologna
Member of MITN, the Migration, Identity and Translation Network
Member of the editorial board of
Research project: Diasporic subjects and urban landscape in contemporary English utopian/dystopian literature and science fiction
Areas of interest: Utopian Theory, the city in literature, Urban Studies, Geocriticism, Utopian literature, Science Fiction, Postcolonial Theory, Centre/Periphery.

Datta, Nilak
PhD (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
Assistant Professor of English
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
BITS Pilani, K.K. Birla Goa Campus, Goa, India
Research Interests: 19th century Urban Reform, Tourism Studies, American Postmodernist fiction, American Frontier Literature, Indian Writing in English.

Davies, Dominic
DPhil, Lecturer in English
Department of English
City, University of London, UK
Research interests: urban infrastructure, (post)colonialism and violence, graphic narratives

De Ceuster, Filip
MA, Phd. Student
University of Antwerp
Research Unit: Institute for the Study of Flemish and Dutch Literature (ISLN)
Lange Winkelstraat 40, University of Antwerp, 2000 Antwerp (Belgium)
Research project: ‘The Country House and the Tension between Modernity and Tradition in Flemish Narrative Prose: Towards a New Reading of Maurice Gilliams’
Research interests: literary representation of city and countryside, urbanism, the Bakhtinian ‘chronotope’, the Flemish Movement, the ‘battle of the brows’.

Deckers, Florian
MA, doctoral student
Department of Anglophone Studies at the University of Duisburg-Essen, the “Scripts for Postindustrial Urban Futures: American Models, Transatlantic Interventions” graduate research group
Research interests: Transnational American Studies, Urban Studies, Contemporary Popular Culture

Delaitre, Carole
PhD, Visiting Assistant Professor
Trinity College, Hartford (USA)
Research interest: 20th- and 21st-century French and Francophone Literature ; Aesthetic representations of mobilities (travel/tourisme, migration, exile) ; Spatial theory ; Urban studies ; History of literary genres

Del Rio, Lilia
MA, doctoral student
Urban Studies Dept
Estonian Academy of Arts
Pikk tn. 20, Tallinn 10133, Estonia

Dines, Martin
Dr, Senior lecturer in English Literature
Kingston University
Penrhyn Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, KT1 2EE, United Kingdom
Vice-president, Literary London Society
Research interests: suburban studies, twentieth-century and contemporary American and British literature, literary London, queer space and histories

Downey, Claire
PhD Candidate at University of Limerick, Ireland
School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics + School of Architecture
Research Interests: Architecture, Urban Nights & Narratives, Utopian cities

Drott, Catharina
International PhD Programme Literary and Cultural Studies (IPP)
Giessen, Germany
research interests: London Studies, Early Modern and 18th century Literature,
Space, Cityscapes, Psychogeography

Du Mont-Greenlee, RachelMA, prospective PhD candidateBS City and Regional Planning, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis ObispoMA Social Anthropology, University of London, Goldsmiths CollegeResearch project: Utopian aesthetic in speculative urbanscapes and master plansAreas of interest: Utopian Theory, Urban Anthropology, Urban Planning, Urban design, the city in literature, the politics of place, Utopian literature, Science Fiction.

Dube, Nhlanhla
PhD Candidate, Zimbabwean literature
Stellenbosch University
Research interests: Geocriticism, literary cartography, spatiality, African literature, Zimbabwean literature

Eeckhout, Bart
Professor of English and American Literature at the University of Antwerp
Research interests: New York City in fiction, queer perspectives on urban representations, and urban studies generally

Enstone, Zoë
PhD, Senior Lecturer in Liberal Arts
York St. John University
Research Interests: representations of York; interdisciplinarity; medieval and renaissance literature, medievalism.

Erbacher, Eric C.
Lecturer, PhD student
American Studies
University of Münster
Johannisstr. 12-20
D – 41843 Münster, Germany
Research interests: urban studies, spatial theory, urban literatures and narratives, visual culture, popular culture, class and subcultures, nature and technology

Faisst, Julia
Dr. Julia Faisst
American Studies
Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt
Universitaetsallee 1
85072 Eichstaett, Germany
Fon +49-(0)8421-93 21359
Fax +49-(0)8421-93 21797
Research interests: multi-ethnic US literatures, space and architecture, visual and material cultures, race and ethnic studies

Fialkova, Larisa
Dept. of Hebrew and Comparative Literature,
The University of Haifa,
Haifa, Israel
Research interests: literary cities, narratives of former Soviets in Israel, cities and folklore studies.

Finch, Jason
Phd, docent, Assistant Professor of English Literature
Åbo Akademi University
20500 Turku
+358 (0)2 215 3622
Research interests: modern urban literatures of Europe and North America (especially London); mass housing; Deep Locational Criticism; topography; archaeology

Fiaduta, Kseniya

MA in Advanced Studies in Architecture: Theory, History and Culture
ETSAB Barcelona School of Architecture, Barcelona (Spain)
Research Interests: critical urban theory, suburban studies, cultural representations of peripheries, architecture and education

François, Liesbeth
Postdoctoral researcher
KU Leuven – FWO (Research Foundation – Flanders)
Department of French, Italian and Hispanic Literatures
Research interests: the city in Latin American literature, contemporary representations of Mexico City, urban subterranean spaces, the flâneur, mobility

Frenzel, Sonja
Dr. Sonja Frenzel
Englische Literaturwissenschaft/Anglophone Studies
Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
Universitätsstraße 1
40225 Düsseldorf

García, Patricia
Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham (School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies)
Research interests: urban studies, geocriticism, the fantastic, teratology, the 20th century Hispanic short story.

Garlitz, Dustin
PhD Candidate
Department of Philosophy, University of South Florida (Tampa, Florida USA)
Research interests: philosophy of urban culture (Georg Simmel, Siegfried Kracauer, Walter Benjamin); sociology of urban culture (Saskia Sassen, Richard Sennett, Sharon Zukin); music and urban culture (New York City Jazz Scene)

Gierich Carla
M.A., PhD candidate
Department of English and Media
Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK
Research Interests: Latino/a and Chicano/a Studies, Urban Literature, Los Angeles as an Arrival City, Narrative and Space, Hybridity and Transculturality in the Americas

Giovannoni, Giulio
Assistant Professor
Department of Architecture
Università degli Studi di Firenze
via Micheli 2
50121 Firenze – Italy
Research interests: cultural representations of peripheries, cultural representations of non-places, Tuscan cultural studies

Goff, Lisa
Associate Professor of English and American Studies;
Affiliated Faculty, School of Architecture; Director, Institute for Public History
University of Virginia. U.S.
Research interests: urban and rural cultural landscapes, migration, public history, material culture, digital humanities

Gómez, Reid 
Writer and Assistant Professor
University of Arizona
Research Interests: San Francisco, New York City, Leslie Marmon Silko, Samuel R. Delany, Grammar, Black|Indigenous, Slavery|Colonization, and Writing|Translation.

Güngör, Aylin
MA, PhD candidate
Graduiertenkolleg Authority and Trust, Heidelberg Center for American Studies
Heidelberg University, Germany
Research interests: Literary and visual studies, film and media studies, performance, activism, urban and cultural geography, African American studies

Gurr, Jens Martin
Dr., Prof. of British and Anglophone Literature and Culture,
Director of Joint Center “Urban Systems”
University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Research interests: urban imaginaries, inter- and transdisciplinary urban studies, literary representations of urban complexity, literary models of complexity, Romanticism and the city, 17th and 18th-century British literature, contemporary British, American and Anglophone Fiction

Gürbüz, Nevin Faden
PhD Candidate
Department of English Language and Literature, Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University (Istanbul, Turkey)
Research interests: twentieth-century and contemporary British literature, modern British drama, urban space and literary representation, spatial theory and geocriticism

Haddad, Mordjana 
Assistant lecturer at the department of English language, University of Oum El-Bouaghi, Algeria.
Ph.D student at the department of English language and Literature, University of Annaba, Algeria.
Research interests: The city in literature, urban narratives, urban space, and spatial theory.

Haefs, Elisabeth
MA, doctoral student as part of the “Scripts for Postindustrial Urban
Futures: American Models, Transatlantic Interventions” research group
Department of Anglophone Studies
University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Research interests: Narrative in Sustainable Urban Planning, Science  and Literature, British Literature and Culture

Hafeez-ur-Rehman, Muhammad
M.Phil, Lecturer in English
Government Postgraduate Islamia College Faisalabad, Pakistan
Research interests: Urban Narratives, Literary Representation
of Karachi and Anglophone Pakistani Fiction.

Haith, Chelsea
MA, current DPhil candidate (2018-2021)
Faculty of English, University of Oxford
Founder of Futures Thinking Network
DPhil project: Speculation in C21st Dystopian City Novels
Research interests: speculative fiction, urban studies, AI in the Humanities, refugee poetry, gender studies, postcolonial theory, and representations of humanitarian crises such as climate chaos, totalitarianism, technocracy, corporate greed and global poverty.

Hakkarainen, Heidi
PhD, Postdoctoral researcher
Department of Cultural History, University of Turku
Research interests: Nineteenth-century cities, Vienna, urban studies, humour and satire, history of the press, history of emotions

Havas, David
MA, doctoral student
Department of Film and Multimedia Theory
Film School of Academy of Performing Arts at Prague (FAMU), Czech Republic
Research interests: Poetic escapism / Virtual worlds of(un)official Czechoslovak comics popculture

Havik, Klaske
Dr., Associate Professor
Architecture / Methods & Analysis
Delft University of Technology

Heinloo, Ivo
MA, doctoral student
Estonian Institute of Humanities / Institute of Estonian Language and Culture
Department of Cultural Studies
Tallinn University
Research interests: representations of urban space in Soviet literature, heterotopias, cultural geography, urban planning, ecocriticism, Tallinn as a text

Heise, Thomas
Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of EnglishPennsylvania State University (Abington), USA
Research interests: 20th/21st-century American literature; urban studies; gentrification; spatial theory.

Henryson, Hanna
PhD, German literature
Dept. of Slavic and Baltic Languages, Finnish, Dutch, and German
Stockholm University
Research interests: urbanity in contemporary and modernist literature, gentrification, housing, social aspects of urban life (with special focus on Berlin and Vienna)

Hertlein, Saskia
Dr. Saskia Hertlein
University of Duisburg-Essen
Department of Anglophone Studies:
American Literary and Media and Inter-American Studies
Universitätsstr. 12
45141 Essen
Research interests: American literary and cultural urban studies; American cities in literature and culture; urban imaginaries; urban complexities; city scripts; critical diversity studies; migration studies; literature and psychology/developmental science

Hillion, Marianne
Phd Candidate, Anglophone literature
Sorbonne Université, Paris
University of Warwick, Coventry
Research interests: urban studies, global cities, cities of the global South, neoliberal architecture, urban memory, postcolonial literature, Indian writing in English, nonfiction, dwelling.

Hirschkop, Ken
Associate Professor of English Literature
University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada
Research interests: Self-narration and Dream-Image in Toronto, 1899 – present

Hones, Sheila
Professor, Dept of Area Studies
The University of Tokyo
co-editor, Literary Geographies journal co-manager, Literary Geographies online bibliography
research interests: literary geography, geographies of academic practice

Christina HorvathReader in French Literature and PoliticsDepartment of Politics, International Studies and LanguagesUniversity of Bath, UK
Research interest: urban representations in literature and art, the genres of urban novel and banlieue narrative, disadvantaged neighbourhoods, banlieues, favelas, interdisciplinary research on urban spaces, co-production of knowledge with residents, place making practices, memorial practices, decolonisation of cities, urban walks, Co-Creation.

Hossain, Amir
Md. Senior Lecturer (Full-time), Department of English,
IBAIS University, Bangladesh.
Research Associate (Part-time), Uttara University, Bangladesh
Phil Research Scholar in English, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh
Editorial Board Member & Reviewer of International Journal
Research Interests: Bengali Novel, Indian Literature in English, Urban Literature, Scandinavian Literature in English Translation.

Ilchenko, Mikhail
Researcher, the Institute of Philosophy and Law
Russian Academy of Sciences, Ural Branch
Yekaterinburg, Russia
Ural Federal University
Research interest: post-socialist transformations, urban studies and sociology of architecture with a special emphasis on the social meanings of contemporary urban space.

Iliopoulos Grigorios
MA, Doctoral student
Department of American Literature and Culture, English Faculty
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Research interests: urban studies, geocriticism, contemporary Canadian literature, Toronto in literature, diasporic literature

Jacob, Eliseo
Department of World Languages & Cultures
Howard University, USA
Research Interests: urban periphery in Latin America, urban space and the public sphere, race and masculinity in urban spaces; 20th-21st century Latin American and Brazilian literatures

Jana, Ujjwal
Associate Professor
Department of English,
School of Humanities,
Silver Jubilee campus
Pondicherry University (A Central University),
R.V. Raman Nagar, Kalapet,
Puducherry-605014, India
Research interests: Indian aesthetics, spatial and urban literary studies, ecocriticism, affect and emotions, disability studies, Indian writing in English, marginal literature

Janssen, Flore
PhD student in English and Humanities
School of Arts
Birkbeck, University of London
Research interests: social investigation, women’s writing, campaign writing and activist literature, urban work and poverty, housing schemes, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries

Jadwe, Majeed
Professor of English literature and Comparative literary studies at University of Anbar, Iraq
Research interests: Space representation in fiction, Cosmopolitan narratives, space-place configuration in war narratives, and textual spaces of gaze.

Jmukhadze, Ketevan
PhD Student
Institute of Western European Languages and Literature, Tbilisi State University
Research Interests: The City in Modern Literature, Urban Chronotope, City as a Mythical Space

Jobst, Marko
DIA, MArch, MSc, PhD
Independent Researcher, UK
Research interests: architecture, fiction, philosophy, cinema

John, Shobha Elizabeth
Doctoral candidate
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Bhopal, India
Research Interests: Contemporary writing, Spatiality/Urban Studies, Environmental Humanities, Medical Humanities, Gender Studies, DigitalTech Cultures

Juhonen, Milla
MA, University of Helsinki
Faculty of Arts
Finnish, Finno-Ugrian and Scandinavian Studies
Research interests: onomastics, city in literature, literary
representation of Helsinki, early twentieth-century literature

Juntunen, Hanne
MA, PhD researcher
Languages unit, Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences
Tampere University, Finland
Research interests: urban literature, historical literature, conceptual metaphor theory, digital methods, spatiality theories 

Kasima, Tetyana
MA, doctoral student and a junior researcher, University of Tartu, Estonia
Research interests: urban literature; geocriticism; heterotopic spaces; narratives on the city; spatial theory; magical urbanism; walking in the city; depiction of cities in Virginia Woolf, Jhumpa Lahiri and Clarice Lispector; the flâneur.

Ph.D., Assistant Professor (adhoc)
Kamala Nehru College, University of Delhi, India
Research Interests: Comparative Literature, Urban Studies, Indian Writings in English, Contemporary Hindi Novel, Translation Studies.

Kelly Michael G
Lecturer in French
Scoil na Nua-Theangacha agus na Teangeolaíochta Feidhmí | School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics
Ollscoil Luimnigh | University of Limerick
IRL – Luimneach | IRL – Limerick

Keunen, Bart
PhD, Professor in Comparative Literature
Ghent University, Belgium
Research interests: city images, chronotopes, urban studies, genre criticism, literary sociology

Khanna, Stuti
Associate Professor in Literature
Dept of Humanities and Social Sciences
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
New Delhi, India
Research Interests: Cities in Literature, Space and Spatiality, Gender and Translation

Kishore, Sushant
Doctoral Candidate,
Dept of Humanities and Social Sciences,
BITS Pilani, Goa, India.
Research interests: nation and nationalism, narratives of glocal cities, urban fiction, post postcolonial South Asian fiction, globalization and cosmopolitanism.

Klok, Janke
dr. Janke Klok
Groningen University
Scandinavian Languages and Cultures
Research interests: Scandinavian literatures, representation of the city, literary transmission between language areas, gender Studies

Knittle, Davy
PhD Candidate in English, University of Pennsylvania
Research interests: gender, sexuality, and kinship and the relationship between natural and built environments in the globalizing American city
Dissertation project: “Queer with the City: Deviance and the Politics of Urban Change”

Knowles, Kate
MLitt student
University of Glasgow
Research interests: the city in literature, the London novel, neoliberal architecture, city subcultures

Kobakhidze, Temur
Professor of English and American literature
Institute of American Studies,
Tbilisi State University.
Tbilisi, Georgia
Research interests: comparative literature, aesthetics of modernism, urban
imagery in modernist literature.

Kokoula, Xenia
doctoral student
Fachgebiet Landschaftsarchitektur.Freiraumplanung
TU Berlin

Kriegel, S.U.MA, doctoral studentFreie Universität Berlin, GermanyResearch interests: urban studies, spatial theory, mobility studies, identity formation, representations of Johannesburg

Krishnamurthy, Sukanya
Dr., Assistant Professor,
Chair of Urbanism and Urban Architecture,
TU Eindhoven, Netherlands
Research interests: urban studies, placemaking, participatory planning, informality in the city

Kullmann, Carsten
MA, doctoral student, research assistant
Anglophone Cultural and Literary Studies
University of Magdeburg, Germany
Research interests: popular and participatory culture, the fantastic, urban literatures, cultural memory

Kumari, Neha
PhD research scholar
Department of Humanities & Social Sciences,
NIT Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, India
Research Interest: Literary Urban Studies; Urban Memory Studies; City Biography; Creative Methodological Interventions.

Lahey, Ernestine
Dr., Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Stylistics
University College Roosevelt
Lange Noordstraat 1
4331CB Middelburg
The Netherlands
Research interests: landscape/space/place representation, literary linguistics, cognitive poetics, Canadian literature, Text World Theory

Laine, Silja
Dr., University lecturer in Landscape studies
Degree Program in Cultural Production and Landscape Studies
University of Turku
P.O. BOX 124
28101 Pori
Research interests: Urban landscape and architecture, Cultural history of urban literature, Architectural writing

Lanigan, Liam
Dr, Assistant Lecturer
Maynooth University
Office 0.37 Iontas Building
Co. Kildare
Research interests: Modernism and the city, Irish literature, urban theory, globalisation, James Joyce, contemporary Irish writing and the city, dystopian literature, urban planning

Lappalainen, Topi
M.Sc. (Econ.), MA, doctoral student
Department of Finnish, Finno-Ugrian and Scandinavian Studies
P. O. Box 24, 00014 University of Helsinki
Research interests: Helsinki in contemporary Finland-Swedish literature

Lappela, Anni
MA, PhD Candidate
Doctoral Programme in Philosophy, Arts and Society
Russian Language and Literature
Department of Languages
University of Helsinki
Research interests: urban experience in contemporary Russian prose, Arctic cities in Russian literature, gender and urban space, urban space in comics

Lathouras, Alkis 
MSc, Ph.D. candidate
Department of Architecture and Built Environment
Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK
Research interests: urban green space and human perspective, urbanization experience, urban philosophy, urban green space and society, city and human well-being, social interaction and city sustainability, urban landscape and people relationships.

Lee, Ji Eun
PhD, BK21 Postdoctoral Fellow in Techno-Environmental English Studies
Department of English Language and Literature
Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)
Seoul, South Korea
Research Interests: nineteenth-century British literature, contemporary Anglophone literature, urban mobility, walking, built environments, postcolonial studies, environmental humanities

Lee, Klaudia
Dr, Assistant Professor
Department of English
City University of Hong Kong
Research interests: nineteenth-century literature and culture, spatiality, comparative literature, city narratives, adaptation, appropriation and translation studies.

Lehtimäki, MariaMA, doctoral studentDepartment of Language and Communication Studies, University of Jyväskylä, FinlandResearch interests: literary spatiality, forking paths narratives, rational choice approaches to literature

Liedke, Heidi
Dr., Postdoc
Universität Koblenz-Landau, Campus Landau
Institut für fremdsprachliche Philologien
Fach Anglistik
Westring 2
76829 Landau
Research interests: Victorian travel writing, ‘idling’ and mobility studies, literary perceptions of the urban, cities and space; ‘liveness’ and ‘event’, British theatre in the 21st century

Lindberg, Svante
PhD, Senior lecturer in French
Åbo Akademi University
20500 Turku, Finland
Research interests: the contemporary francophone novel, migrant and minority literature, postnational literature, memory in literature, the author Michel del Castillo

Linder, Benjamin
Research Fellow
International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS), Leiden University
Research interests: the entanglements of urban space and cultural transformation in Kathmandu, Nepal, assemblage theory, mobilities, globalization, place-making, and cosmopolitanisms

Lobo, Tea
Dr., Postdoctoral researcher
Universität Bern
WBKolleg / IPN
Muesmattstrasse 45
3012 Bern
Research interests: Aisthesis (meaning both aesthetics and perception), literary negotiations of modernity, philosophy of the city, representations of the private and the public, cultural reverberations of technology

Lomtadze, Tamari
PhD, Professor of Linguistics
Akaki Tsereteli State University
Kutaisi, Georgia
Research interests: sociolinguistics, language policy and language planning, urban speech and jargon

Lu, Andong
PhD, Professor in Urbanism and Architectural Theory
Nanjing University, China
Research interests: urbanism, moving image, landscape, narrative and space

Lukić, Marko
PhD, Assistant Professor
University of Zadar, English Department
Research interests: Human geography, space/place and horror, literature and space, American popular culture

Machata, KlaraPhD candidate, research associateUniversity of Freiburg, English Literature and CultureResearch interests: ecocriticism, spatial literary studies, political & cultural geography, postcolonial studies, South Asian and Southeast Asian anglophone literature

Maddison, Sophie
Doctoral Researcher
School of Modern Languages and Cultures, University of Glasgow
Research interests: nineteenth-century literature and culture; Paris; Naples; urban ecologies; posthumanism; new materialism; material ecocriticism

Mankulam, Dhanesh
PhD., Assistant Professor
Dept. of English and Cultural Studies, School of Arts and Humanities
CHRIST University, Bangalore, India
Research interests: Literature, Critical Theory, Literary Urban Studies, Urban Narratives, Spatiality Studies, Cultural-Knowledge Commons, Cultural Studies

Marilungo, Francesco
PhD Candidate in Kurdish Studies
Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies
University of Exeter
Project title: Shaping Diyarbakir through words. Conflicting representations and narrations of the city in Turkish and Kurdish contemporary literature.

Markowska, Martyna
MA, University of Helsinki
Faculty of Arts
Institute for Art Research
Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies
Tel.: +358 449 335 189

Martikainen, Taika
Department of Finnish Literature
University of Helsinki, Finland
Research interests: city in literature, nordic girlhoods, young female figures

Mattheis, Lena
MA, doctoral student/lecturer
Department of Anglophone Studies
University of Duisburg-Essen
Research interests: city and scale, contemporary global novels, imagined
maps, narrative and space

Mattli, Alan
MA, doctoral student
English Department, University of Zurich
Research interests: detective fiction, postmodernism, intersectional feminism, politics of popular art, urban spaces in contemporary horror fiction and film

McDermott, Marta
M.Arch., Dalhousie University
Architectural Advisor, House of Commons, Ottawa, CA
Research Interests: Cultural landscapes, heritage conservation, contemporary architecture in heritage settings, representations of architecture and the city in literature

Merkel, Caroline
Dr., DAAD-lektor
Institutionen för slaviska och baltiska språk, finska, nederländska och tyska/ Avdelningen för tyska
Stockholms universitet
106 91 Stockholm
tel: +46-(0)8-163516
Research interests: city in literature, space and cultural theory, multilingualism in literature and cultural theory

Meyntjens, Gert-Jan
Postdoctoral researcher
Dept. of Literary and Cultural Studies
KU Leuven
Research interests: creative writing, urban narratives, urban philosophy and sociology, contemporary French and American literature, literary sociology, digital culture

Mihaljević, Nikica
Assistant Professor of Italian Literature
University of Split
Faculty of the Humanities
Department of Italian Language and Literature
Radovanova 13, 21000 Split – Croatia
Research interests: representation of the city in Italian literature, 20th century and contemporary Italian novel, women writers

Miraki, Milad
M.A. of translation studies, Lecturer
Department of English Translation Studies
Allameh Tabataba’i University, Tehran, Iran
Research interests: linguistic landscape, Iranian cities in translation, urban narratives, translation and the landscape of Iran cities

Mitchell, Peta
Dr, Senior Research Fellow
Digital Media Research Centre
Queensland University of Technology
Research interests: literary and cultural geography, geovisualisation, digital media and placemaking, urban informatics

Mitra, Rituparna
Assistant Professor of Postcolonial and Interdisciplinary Studies
Emerson College, 120 Boylston St, Boston, MA
Research Interests: postcolonial urbanisms, critical infrastructure studies, waste and repair-work, urban informality, posthuman and new materialist urbanisms, cities in the contemporary global novel

Mohd Muzhafar, Idrus
PhD, Associate Professor in Literature
Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Faculty of Major Language Studies
Research interests: Cities, Literary Studies, Cultural Studies, Discourse Analysis

Mohnike, Thomas
PhD, Directeur du département d’études scandinaves
Université de Strasbourg
22 rue René Descartes, 67084 Strasbourg CEDEX, France

Molloy, Deborah
MA, doctoral student
School of Critical Studies
University of Glasgow, Scotland
Research interests: Twentieth-century women’s writing, New York City, female mental illness, literary geography, medical humanities

Møller-Olsen, Astrid
Dr., international research fellow
Centre for Languages and Literature
Lund University, Sweden
Research interests: the city in literature, urban spacetime, urban memory, literary sensory studies

Navami T. S.
Assistant Professor
Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultural Studies
Manipal University Jaipur, Jaipur, India.
Doctoral Fellow
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal, India.
Research Interests: Literary Cities, Urban Narratives, Urban Space and Culture, Gendered Spaces, Space Theory and Geocriticism, Indian writing in English, Authorial Intention and Interpretation in Literary Criticism, Literary Representation of Bengaluru/Bangalore in Indian Fiction in English

Nesci, Catherine
PhD, Professor of Comparative Literature and French Studies
Affiliate in Feminist Studies and Germanic and Slavic Studies
Department of French and Italian
University of California, Santa Barbara USA
Research Interests: French & European Modernism; urban genres (flânerie, detection, Noir, the underworld, the popular novel, literary cartographies); gendered cityscapes; care, remediation, and literature; memory studies; disability studies.

Nilsson, Magnus
Professor, comparative literature
School of Art and Communication, Malmö University (Sweden)
Research interests: Working-class literature, comics, literary representations of urbanity

Norrman, Eva
MA, doctoral student
English literature
Åbo Akademi University
Research interests: Life writing, (women’s) travel writing, and cultural imagology

Olaoye, Elizabeth Olubukola
PhD Candidate in English and the Teaching of English
Idaho State University
Research interests: Gender Studies, Postcolonial Literature, Postcolonial Cities and Narratives (Emphasis on Lagos), and Fantasy.

Oulanne, Laura
Doctoral student
Comparative Literature
Doctoral programme for Philosophy, Arts and Society
University of Helsinki
Research interests: Objects and surfaces in literature, experiencing interiors and urban spaces, early 20th century anglophone fiction.

Owen, Lance
MPhil, PhD Candidate
Department of Geography
University of California, Berkeley
Research interests: American metropolitan history, narratives of place, shopping malls and retail development, history and representation of suburbs

Oxley, Matthew
PhD candidate
School of Languages and Cultures
University of Sheffield, UK
Research interests: Ildefons Cerdà, Spanish and Catalan narrative, literary applications of urban theory, Barcelona in literature, urbanisation in literature, nomadic theory

Packalén, Eva
MA curator
Helsinki City Museum
Research interests: Helsinki in Finnish and Finland-Swedish literature, gender studies, woman writers, visual culture

Paniagua Guzmán, Antonio
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Memory Keepers Medical Discovery Team,
University of Minnesota Medical School
Research interests: art-based research methods, ethnography, poetic representations of lived experience, poetry and community, oral history

Parezanović, Tijana
PhD, Assistant Professor
Faculty of Foreign Languages, Alfa BK University, Belgrade, Serbia
Research interests: Modernist literature, Australian cultural studies, literary tourism, literature and tourism, space/place and horror

Parker, Joshua
Assistant Professor, English and American Studies
Secretary, Austrian Association for American Studies
University of Salzburg
Unipark, Erzabt-Klotz-Str. 1
5020 Salzburg, Austria
(0043) (0) 664 4577 512
Research interests: American studies, narrative theory, transatlantic relations, literature

Peacock, James
Senior Lecturer in English and American Literatures,
Keele University, UK
Research interests: contemporary American fiction; representations of space, place and community; gentrification in contemporary literature; detective fiction.

Peled-Shapira, Hilla
PhD, Researcher of Arabic Literature, Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Ariel University and Department of Arabic Language and Literature
Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Research interests: Iraqi Communist Literature, Kurdish poetry in Arabic, the urban space and ideology in literature, climate and ecocriticism, metaphors from the animal world, literature of exiles.

Persson, Magnus
Professor in Literature and Education
Department of Culture, Languages and Media
Malmö University, Sweden
Research interests: Literature Pedagogy, Cultural Studies, Reading the City, Literary Tourism, Autoethnography, Buenos Aires.

Peterle, Giada
MA, PhD Candidate
Department of Historical and Geographic Sciences and of the Ancient World (DiSSGeA)
Università degli Studi di Padova
via del Santo 26
35123 Padova – Italy
PhD Project: Beyond Geocriticism. Urban Narratives from Space Representation to Spatial Practice
Research interests: literary geography, comic book geographies, literary cartography, postmodern urban space, geocriticism, urban practices

Pfeiffer, Katharina
International PhD Programme Literary and Cultural Studies, JL University, Giessen, Germany
research interests:  Venice in contemporary French novels, contemporary Italian and French literature

Pleßke, Nora
Dr., Senior Lecturer
Anglophone Cultural and Literary Studies
University of Magdeburg, Germany
Research interests: urban cultural studies, urban mentality, metropolitan marketplaces and entertainment, Anglophone city novels, London literature

Picerni, Federico
MA, doctoral student
Department of Asian and North African Studies, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice / Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies, Heidelberg University
Research interests: Chinese migrant-worker poetry; urban literature; working-class literature(s); cultural studies

Pinkish, Zahra
PhD (scholar), Visiting Lecturer in English
Government College University Faisalabad, Pakistan
Research interests: South Asian Literature, Topographies, Architectural and cultural shifts in metropolitan cities, diasporic cities

Porter, Elizabeth
Ph.D, English literature
Hostos Community College, City University of New York (CUNY)
Research Interests: 18th century British literature, spatial theory, and the confluence of urban studies and gender studies

Potier, Jeremy
PhD candidate
Department of English Studies
University of Toulouse
Research interests: cities and suburbs in North American literature, memory and the commonplace, stylistics, literature and linguistics

Poutiainen, Hannu
PhD, Kone Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Literature, University of Eastern Finland
Research interests: the urban uncanny, romantic/gothic cities, crowds and crowd theory, urban/rural encounters between magic and literature, abstract or “model-oriented” literary theory

Powell, Tierney S.
Teaching Assistant
Department of English
University of Illinois at Chicago
Graduate Research Assistant
Institute for the Humanities
University of Illinois at Chicago
Research interests: contemporary film, tv, and literature, spatial theory, globalization, water politics, and logistics.

Pradhan, Anubhav
Doctoral Candidate
Department of English
Jamia Millia Islamia
Delhi, India
Research interests: Delhi, sustainable housing, architecture and spatial organisation,  urban planning

Dr Prasanth P S
Assistant Professor of English, Dept of EFL
SRM Institute of Science and Technology
Kattankulathur Campus
Tamil Nadu, India.
Research interests: Representation of City in Literature, Cultural Perspectives of City Life, Space and Architecture in Urban Literature, Narratives on City in Indian Literature.

Prieto, Eric
Professor of French
Affiliate in Comparative Literature
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of French and Italian
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA
Research interests: Twentieth-century literature and Theory, Francophone Literature and culture; Postcolonial Theory; Music and literature;  Spatial studies; geocriticism

Pulkkinen, Riikka P.
Doctoral researcher
Comparative literature &Modern Greek literature
Doctoral Programme of Philosophy, Arts and Society
University of Helsinki
Research interests: Modern Greek literature, the city of Athens in literature, urban literary characters

Putatunda, Tanmoy
Assistant Professor of English
School of Languages, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, India
Research interests: Urban Studies and literary representation of cities, Literary Theories and Criticism, Postcolonial and Postmodern Literatures, Indian Literature in English, Travel Literature, Popular Literature, Cultural Studies, Film Studies, and Literature & the Visual Arts.

Quesada Avendaño, Florencia
PhD, Docent, Adjunct Professor Development and Latin American Studies
Collegium Research Fellow
University of Helsinki
Research interests: Architectural and cultural urban history, history of photography, urban travelers in Latin America

Quigley, Lauren
PhD Candidate in French Studies
6, University Square
School of Arts, English and Languages
Queen’s University Belfast
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Research interests: poetry (from nineteenth-century to contemporary works), the intersection of literature and architecture, literary perceptions of Paris and the banlieue, aesthetics, architectural history, mobilites, urban visual culture

Rajaniemi, Juho
Dr.Sc.Technology, M.Sc. Architecture
Professor of Urban Planning
Tampere University of Technology
research interests: utopia and the city; Finnish zoning system; implementations of power in urban planning; use of public urban space

Rampolla, Giulia
PhD; Adjunct Professor of Chinese Language, Literature and Culture
University of Naples “L’Orientale” and International University of Rome Unint
Research interests: contemporary Chinese literature and culture, the representation of the metropolis in Chinese fiction, city and countryside in Chinese literature, writers and memory, women’s writing, urban culture in 21st century

Reus, TimPhD, university lecturerLeiden University Centre for Linguistics, Leiden University, the NetherlandsResearch interests: Urban development, the multicultural city, the multilingual city, linguistics, translation studies

Reznicek, Matthew
PhD, Assistant Professor of Nineteenth-Century British and Irish Literature
Creighton University, Omaha NE USA
Research interests: Paris, Literary Geography, Nineteenth-Century Women’s Writing, Opera Architecture

Rodewald, Hanna
M Ed., PhD Candidate
TU Dortmund University
UA RUHR Research Group “Scripts for Postindustrial Urban Futures”
Department of American Studies
Research interests: Urban Narratives, Transatlantic American Studies,
Creative Cities, American Art

Rossetto, Tania
Assistant Professor in Cultural Geography
Department of Historical and Geographical Sciences and the Ancient
World (DiSSGeA)
Università degli Studi di Padova
via del Santo 26
35123 Padova – Italy
research interests: visual geographies, cartographic theory and
imagery, cartography in literature, culture-led urban regeneration,
the multicultural city.

Rossoglou, Athina
PhD Candidate
Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpretation
Ionian University, Corfu (Greece)
Research interests: interrelation between politics and literature in the post-revolutionary era, left-wing melancholy in poetry, urban literary characters

Salès, Olivier
PhD Candidate, Literary, Cultural, and Linguistic Studies
Department of Modern Literatures and Languages
University of Miami
PhD Project : ‘“Tout Niquer Devient Vital:” Rap Mediatizing of French Contemporary Society: Language, Body and the Urban.’
Research Interests: hip hop, cultural studies, narrative and space, marginality, women and the city, indigenous novels, depictions of the reservation, ecocriticism, decolonization of the urban spaces

Sakaki, Atsuko
PhD, Professor
East Asian Studies and Comparative Literature
University of Toronto
Research interests: peripatetic and itinerant narratives, corporeality of the subject in urban space, rhetoric of photography and narrative, mutual formation and transformation between city, body and text

Salawu, Ọlájídé
MA, doctoral student
Department of English and Film Studies
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
Research interest: rurality, urbanity, mobility, contemporary African cyber literary experience, African films, African fictions and folk music.

Salmela, Markku
PhD, Department of English,
School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies
33014 University of Tampere, Finland
research interests: American literature, postmodernism, space and representation, urban fiction, literary naturalism, the grotesque

Samola, Hanna
MA, doctoral student
School of language, translation and literary studies
University of Tampere
Research interests: contemporary Finnish literature, satire, cities in dystopian and utopian literature

Sandst, Line
MA, PhD Fellow
Department of Name Research
University of Copenhagen
Njalsgade 136
2300 Copenhagen S
PhD project: Urban Toponymy – the city’s linguistic dimension (A rhetorical analysis of urban place names in Copenhagen)
Research interests: place names, commercial names, naming strategies, rhetoric, literary perspectives on urban planning, urban branding.

Sandten, Cecile
Professor of English Literatures at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
Research interests: Postcolonial Studies, representations of the urban in postcolonial literatures (e.g. South Asia, Canada, South Africa); flânerie, palimpsest and palimpsestic spaces, slums, refugee camps and tent cities, (urban) precarity, (former) industrial cities

Sanyal, Devapriya
Assistant Professor of English at St. Joseph’s University, Bangalore.
Research interests: Film Studies, Gender Studies, Creative Writing, Theatre Studies, 20th century British Literature, and Urban Studies.

Savolainen, Panu
Doctoral Candidate
MA, MSc (architecture)
Departement of History
University of Turku
Research interests: Conceptual history of space; history of senses in urban space; spatial narratology; textual embodiment of urban space

Sears, Jocelyn
PhD Candidate
Department of English, Harvard University, USA
Research interests: cities in dystopian fiction, speculative futures, relationships between literary form and depictions of the urban, narrative theory

Seidel, AnnaMA, MA, Doctoral candidateDepartment of Slavic and Hungarian Studies, Humboldt-Universität zu BerlinResearch interests: Cities in States of Exception, Cities in War, Representations of Extractivism in 19th and early 20th European and North American Literature, Representations of the Right to the City in Urban Literature, Ecocriticism.

Shabanpour, Mohammad Bagher
English Literature PhD Candidate and University Teacher
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Tehran, Iran
PhD Project: ‘A Harveyian Study of Space in Ian McEwan’s Novels’
Research Interests: Spatiality, Narrative and Space, Space and Epistemology, (Post)Modernism, (Post)Colonial Studies

Shadurski, Maxim
Dr., Associate Professor of English Literature
Literary Studies, Siedlce University, Poland
Research interests: urban fiction, the novel in the Anthropocene, literary modernism, twentieth-century British literature

Saxton, Kirsten T.
Ph.D, Professor of English, Women’s and Gender Studies, and Communication, Media, Arts, and Design
Northeastern University at Mills
Research Interests: literature of the city, landscapes/literature, crime fiction, haunted landscapes/tourism,  haptic archives, eighteenth- and nineteenth-century literature, gender and sexuality studies, cultural geography, collaborative research, place-based situated knowledge, and digital humanities

Siegert, Yvette
PhD candidate
Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages
University of Oxford
Project: ‘Representations of Cartagena de Indias: An Intellectual History, 1815-2016’
Research interests: Latin American cities, spatiality, comparative literature, Caribbean studies, translation studies, cognition studies

Sioli, Angeliki
Architect, Dr., Assistant Professor
Architecture / Methods & Analysis
Delft University of Technology
+31 (0)15 27 8 39 77

Spirkovska, Marija
PhD candidate
International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC)
Justus Liebig University of Giessen, Germany
research interests: city in literature, geocriticism and spatial theory, urban aesthetics, psychopathology, neurohumanities

Springer, Olga
Dr., lecturer in German language and literature
School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies
Dublin City University, Ireland
Research interests: city in literature, gender and sexuality studies, intertextuality, ambiguity in literary texts, Victorian literature

Steentofte Andersen, Christian
MA, PhD Candidate, Nordic Literature
Department of linguistics and Nordic Studies (NoRS)
The University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Research interests: Representations of gentrification and the ghetto in contemporary Nordic literature, urban culture in Copenhagen, sociology of literature, (post classical) narratology, critical theory.

Stalter-Pace, Sunny
the Hargis Associate Professor of American Literature at Auburn University, Alabama, USA.
Research interests: literature and theater of the modern American city, modernist city poetry, and literature and urban transport.

(Susan) Jung Su (a.k.a. Rong Su) 蘇 榕
Associate Professor, Department of English
National Taiwan Normal University
Taipei, 10610, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Research interests: Postcolonial Studies, Literature and Urban Space, Diasporic literature, Contemporary British Fiction, Asian American and Sinophone Literature

Sulimma, Maria
Dr., Jun.-Prof. of North American Literature and Cultural Studies
University of Freiburg
Research interests: American Literature and Culture, Urban Studies, Popular Culture, Feminist Media Studies, Seriality, Gentrification

Talivee, Elle-Mari
PhD (cultural studies)
Researcher of the museum department of the Under and Tuglas Literature
Centre of the Estonian Academy of Sciencies
Research interests: cities in literature, literature and environmental

Talu, Cigdem
PhD candidate
School of Architecture
McGill University
PhD project: Women Writers in the Metropolis: Urban Atmospheres in Late-Victorian London
Research interests: Urban atmospheres, history of emotions, women’s writing, urban prose, nineteenth-century London, architecture, gender and urban experience, Alice Meynell, Ella Hepworth Dixon

Tan, Kai, M.A.
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
RWTH Aachen
Institut für Amerikanistik, Anglistik und Romanistik
Lehr- und Forschungsgebiet Englischsprachige Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft mit dem Schwerpunkt Kognition
Kármánstr 17-19
Raum 204a
52056 Aachen
research interests: embodied cognition, architecture and urban studies, literary psychogeographical moments, affect and emotionsmetaphors, urban rhythms, empirical literary research

Thacker, Andrew
Professor, Department of English
De Montfort University
Leicester LE1 9BH
Co-Director, AHRC funded Modernist Magazines Project
research interests: geographies of modernism; modernist magazines; urban bookshops

Thurgill, James
Dr., Specially-appointed Associate Professor
College of Arts and Sciences
The University of Tokyo
Co-editor, Literary Geography: Theory and Practice book series (University of Wales Press)
Research interests: literary geography, folklore, space and place, absence. affect, spectrality, urban narratives.

Toivanen, Anna-Leena
Dr, Academy Research Fellow
School of Humanities, University of Eastern Finland
Research interests: (Francophone) African literature, mobility studies, postcolonial literary studies, transport, urban space

Toivola, Salla
MA, doctoral student
Comparative Literature, University of Turku
Research interests: literature of the U.S. South, narrative and space, geographies of modernity, anti-urbanism, and anti-modern conceptions of space.

Tomasella, Giuseppe
PhD student in Geography
Department of Historical and Geographic Sciences and the Ancient World (DiSSGeA)
Università degli Studi di Padova
PhD Project: Venice Nightscapes – Consuming, Living, Narrating
Research interests: Venice, urban nights, tourism, literary geography, urban practises

Tscherry, Laura
PhD CandidateDepartment of English, Indiana UniversityResearch interests: communal spaces, domesticity, queer theory, architecture/space and affect

Tseng, Chia-Chieh (Mavis)
Associate Professor (Comparative literature)
Director of the Language Center, Taipei Medical University
Research Interests: visual culture, urban modernity, memory studies, film studies, Victorian, 20th, and 21st century novels

Tskhvediani, Irakli
PhD, Professor of English and American Literature
English Studies Department
Akaki Tsereteli State University
Kutaisi, Georgia
Research interests: literary modernism, modernist mythopoeia, urban aesthetics in modernist literature.

Tso, Ann
PhD, Instructor of English,
Centre for Applied Arts and Sciences
Lethbridge College, Canada
Research interests: modern British literature; psychogeography; London; phenomenology; narrative theory; speculative fiction; utopia/dystopia

Tsurtsumia, Nino
PhD student
Department of  English
Akaki Tsereteli State University
Kutaisi, Georgia
Research interests: literary modernism,    The Semiotics of the City in Modernist Literatura,  Mythopoeic Modernity.

Turpeinen, Lauri
MA, doctoral student
Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies
University of Helsinki, Finland
Research interests: Rural-urban-migration, ethnography, narratives

Vandertop, Caitlin
Lecturer in Literature
School of Language, Arts and Media
University of the South Pacific
Laucala campus, Fiji
Research interests: literature and colonial urban culture; literature from port and island cities; Oceanic writing; environmental humanities.

Van Renen, Denys
Associate Professor of English Literature
University of Nebraska at Kearney, USA
Research interests: Environmental Humanities; John Milton; Scottish, Irish, and British literature, 1660 – 1830

Verraest, Sofie
Department of General and Comparative Literature Studies
Rozier 44 (Office D2.22)
Ghent University
9000 Ghent (Belgium)
Member of Ghent Urban Studies Team [GUST]:
PhD project: A narratological inquiry into “heterotopian” urban spaces after the Second World War in urbanism and novelistic literature.
Research interests: Narratology, utopia and heterotopia, Sloterdijk’s “spherology,” urbanism and urban imagery, the Bakhtinian “chronotope”

Versluys, Kristiaan
Prof. Dr. em.
Department of Literary Studies,
Ghent University, Belgium
Research interest: the literature of New York and other American cities

Vesala, Meeria
Ph.D. Candidate in English Literature
Åbo Akademi University in Turku, Finland
Research interests: Archaeology in literature; Historical discoveries in novels; Time and place; Liminal spaces; American and Canadian literature

Vidugirytė, Inga
Assoc. Prof.
Principal Investigator in the project “Women’s City in Contemporary Lithuanian Literature: places, territories, identyties” (2023-2026)
Institute for Literary, Cultural and Translation Studies
Faculty of Philology, Vilnius University
Research interests: geography and cartography of / in literature, city in literature and visual culture, Vilnius’ literature

Vivian, David
PhD Candidate in Comparative Literature
University of California, Santa Barbara
Research interests: animal studies, Caribbean studies, ecocriticism, geocriticism, postcolonial theory, translation studies

Völker, Nico
MA, PhD candidate
International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC)
University of Giessen, Germany
Research interests: Urban redevelopment, gentrification, fictional representations of New York City, narratology

Wistisen, Lydia
Doctoral Student
Department of Literature and History of Ideas
Stockholm University
Research interests: space and city representations, young
adult literature, Stockholm, youth culture and intersectionality

Wood, Katharina
MA, doctoral student in the Department of Anglophone Studies at the
University TU Dortmund as part of the “Scripts for Postindustrial Urban
Futures: American Models, Transatlantic Interventions” graduate research
Research interests: Transnational American Studies, Urban Studies,
Narrative and Space, Identity, African American Literature

Woods, Maxwell
Dr., Assistant Teaching Professor
Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Viña del Mar, Chile
Research Interests: Latin American urbanism, decoloniality, modern architecture, modern
literature, environmental urbanism, environmental humanities

Xiaolong Hou, Dorothee
PhD Candidate
Comparative Literature
Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory
Associate Instructor, East Asian Languages and Cultures
University of California, Davis
Research interests: twentieth-century and contemporary Chinese literature, cinema, and visual art, with a special focus on the city and spatial theory

Xu, Annie Zihui
Student in Comparative Literature and Humanities
The Hotchkiss School, CT, US
Research Interests: urban literature and narrative, Geocriticism, spatial theory, urban studies, literary cartograph

Yilmaz, Emek
Doctoral student
Department of Sociology
Kangwon National University, Chuncheon, S. Korea
Research interests: Beyoglu-Istanbul in Literature, Social and Cultural Diversity, Effect of space and place on tolerance of diversity, Urban and Cultural Studies, Sociology of the City

Yeung, Vanessa W.
MSc Conservation
Heritage Practitioner & Arts Administrator
Research interests: heritage conservation, creative writing, urban landscape, modernity and modernism, historic interior, Art Deco, flânerie, street trams and metro systems, Hong Kong urban legends and ghost stories

Zampaki, Nikoleta
Post-doc Researcher
Faculty of Philology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
Research interests: Comparative Literature, Literary Theory, Environmental Humanities, Digital Humanities and Posthumanities

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