(abstracts for all presentations can be found here)

Thursday 25 October


9.00 : Welcoming words by the organizers (Kadri Aavik, Josephine Hoegaerts and Janne Salminen)


9.30 – 11.30: session 1:  Gendered work-environments

chair: Hanna Ylöstalo (HCAS)


Susanna Bairoh (Hanken School of Economics)

Only Men Can Advance Careers in Engineering? Experiences and observations of discrimination by men and women working in technology in Finland


José Hildo de Oliveira Filho (Charles University in Prague)

Athletic migrant masculinities and the making of ‘respectable men’


Cathy Leogrande (Le Moyne College, Syracuse NY)

Those Who Can’t, Teach: Males Teachers in Media & Reality


Nina Farova and Kateřina Cidlinská  (Centre for Gender and Science, Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Science)

Where have all the women gone& when do we not impede them from making it like a man?


11.30-12.00: break


12.00-13.00u : Keynote lecture

Elise Garritzen (University of Helsinki)

Quest for a Heroic Historian: Masculinities and Founding an Academic Profession c. 1820-1914

chair: Josephine Hoegaerts (University of Helsinki)


13.00-14.00: lunch


14.00 – 15.30: session 2: Health, ability and physical care

chair: Minna-Kerttu Vienola (University of Helsinki)


Daniel Blackie (University of Oulu)

A hard fight to live: disability and career in the life of Edward Rymer (1835-1915)


Henri Hyvönen (University of Helsinki)

Men’s perceptions of work-related self-care: discursive practices constructing lifestyle compliance and responsible citizenship


Vladan Hanulik (University of Pardubice)

Curing Like a Man: A Spatial Dimension of 19th and 20th Century Healthcare


15.30 – 16.00: break


16.00-17.00: session 3:  Sexuality and Masculinities

chair: Juho Turpeinen (University of Helsinki)


Andria Christofidou (University of Cyprus)

Male professional dancers: Negotiating dance, negotiating masculinity


Cassie De Filippo (University of Melbourne)

Bonding through objectification: The effects of sex establishments on male homosocial work culture


17.30-18.00: break


17.30-18.30u: Keynote lecture:

Marieke Van den Brink (Radboud University)

Mobilizing masculinities in academic gatekeeping

chair: Kadri Aavik (Tallinn University & University of Helsinki)



Friday 26 October

9.00 : Brief discussion on edited volume / possibilities to publish contribution


9.30 – 11.30: session 4: ‘Prestigious’ professions and careers

chair: Taru Tervahauta (University of Helsinki)


Ulla Ijäs (University of Turku)

Businessmen in the nineteenth century global trade


Minna Salminen-Karlsson (Uppsala University)

Becoming the right kind of professional: male students in prestigious higher education programmes


Gilad Reich (Tel Aviv University)

Re-inventing cultural entrepreneurship: Andy Warhol’s approach to artistic labor and masculinity


Marta Choroszewicz (University of Eastern Finland)

Masculinities, mobile technologies and career progression in the private law practice



11.30-12.00: break


12.00-13.00: Keynote lecture:

Rohit Dasgupta (Loughborough University London)

Rituparno Ghosh: Radicalism, Sissyness and Stardom of India’s first queer auteur

chair: Janne Salminen (University of Helsinki)

13.00-14.00: lunch


14.00-15.00: (Re)presentations of masculinity

chair: Anna-Leena Korpijärvi (University of Helsinki)


Janne Salminen (University of Helsinki)

“You’re Like a Lawsuit Waiting to Happen” Representations of Toxic Masculinity in Professional Environments in Hollywood Films of 2010s


Joanna Elfving-Hwang (The University of Western Australia)

The Social Role of Grooming and Body Work in Performing Middle-aged Masculinity in South Korea


15.00-15.30: break


15.30-17.00: Work-life balance and the male breadwinner model

chair: Marja Peltola (University of Helsinki)


Rachael Bolton (University of Sydney)

Money maketh the man and other masculinity myths


Ingrid Biese (Hanken School of Economics)

Men opting out


Claudia-Livia Balan (Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences)

‘Active fatherhood’, the norm of the ideal worker, and institutional change


17.00 – 17.30: break


17.30-18.30: Keynote lecture

Tristan Bridges (UC Santa Barbara)

Gender Hegemony in Transition: Shifts in Gender Inequality in 21st Century Workplaces and Society

chair: Jeff Hearn (Örebro University)