Project began in 2005 and is actively promoted within the university. It is a result of cooperation between the Centre for the research and development of higher education and pedagogical unversity lecturers representing different disciplines at the University of Helsinki.

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Below you will find a brief video about the HowULearn, but for more details, please open the pdf -presentation above.

Introduction to HowULearn (University of Helsinki) from UH Educational Centre for ICT on Vimeo.

  • Three different levels to use feedback:
    1. Individual level: digital, web-based tutoring system supports student learning by giving individual level feedback on studying.
    2. Programme level: reports for enhancing teaching.
    3. Institutional level: reports for quality enhancement.
  • Research-based tool: all contents are based on the research in university pedagogy.
    • Gathers the research data including information about background, credits and study success.


The objectives for the HowULearn questionnaire is to give feedback for students about their learning and to produce information for the university on how to support students’ learning (i.e. searching for evidence, relate ideas, understanding, and systematic studying, workload and working during studies) throughout their studies until graduation. In addition, the HowULearn is a tool that provides information about the quality of teaching at the University of Helsinki.


The HowULearn questionnaire provides internationally and disciplinary comparable information about student learning and their experiences of teaching. One of the strengths of the HowULearn is that it is based on theories of university teaching and learning. The HowULearn questionnaire can thus be used for research purposes and for teachers to enhance and develop their everyday work.