Professor in sociological alcohol and drug research

Professor in sociological alcohol and drug research Centre for social research on alcohol and drugs (SoRAD), Stockholm University. Ref.No. 611-3342-11. Application deadline: April 12, 2012.

Topic Description
At SoRAD, alcohol and drugs are studied from various social science perspectives. The research is presently divided into three themes. Theme 1: Consumption, problems and norms. The general aim is to study levels and patterns of alcohol and drug use and their association with various related problems and the role of alcohol and drugs in people’s lives. Theme 2: Alcohol and drug policy and its implications includes studies on how substance use is perceived and defined, how policy measures are designed and implemented, and what kinds of concrete and specific effects particular alcohol and drug policies have. Theme 3: Addiction and dependence – societal reactions, treatment and recovery processes. The general aim of research within this theme is to study societal definitions of and reactions to various forms of addiction, and how these have changed with changing societal conditions, to analyze the overall help system from a historical and social-ecological perspective, and to study recovery and change processes that take place outside the help system.

Tobacco, doping, prescription drugs and gambling can also be included in the research area.

The successful applicant is primarily expected to take a leading role in alcohol and drug research from sociological perspectives. The job includes teaching and supervision of doctoral students as well as dissemination of research results to the surrounding society.

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