Addiction beyond biochemistry

CEACG-researcher Michael Egerer was recently interviewed for the neuronhub blog in the role of project researcher and expert in the A-BRAIN project. The interview concerns the brain disease model of addiction, the role of regulation and what Michael has learned through his experience of conducting interviews with staff and clients at a treatment institute in Canada. Read Michael’s full interview here (in English).

About neuronhub
The creator of neuronhub Juan García Ruiz is a young Spanish biochemist and currently a neuroscience master’s student at Bordeaux University. was born out of Juan’s interest to make scientific knowledge more accessible to the lay population – especially in the Spanish language. Besides making research results more comprehensible, the blog brings visibility to the work neuroscientists conduct in labs and institutions all around the world. Neuronhub is a compilation of interviews Juan has carried out with international experts in the field, as well as research synthesis written from Juan’s personal angle. Currently most of neuronhub is in Spanish, with some articles also published in English and French, but in the future, we can expect a growing number of interviews in English. For the time being, Spanish-readers interested in learning more about neuroscience in an accessible, brain tickler style, can visit Juan’s blogs in neuronhub.