CALL FOR PAPERS: Addiction – What is the added value of the concept today?

Colloquium of the University of Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies.  Thematic Meeting of the Kettil Bruun Society.

Conference Hotel Majvik, Helsinki, Finland 14-17th October 2012


Addiction is a concept that has relatively recently – within two or three decades – become a common expression that covers no longer only traditional substance use but a wide and growing range of behaviours like gambling, gaming, internet use, even eating disorders, shopping, shoplifting, sexual behaviour and others. The increasingly widespread use has been observed in the public media, in expert discourses, in popular culture, in the world of commercials, and even in everyday talk. The concept of addiction is being introduced in the international classifications of diseases, and addiction is the topic of many research and prevention programmes today.

The Colloquium and Thematic meeting provides a platform for discussing the usefulness of framing consumption risks as addictions, or even as different aspects of a singular phenomenon. Critical and careful analysis of evidence, reflexion on the moral and practical implications of the concept in different contexts, and the way forward need to be given a proper and free space of interchange between different points of view. It might be envisioned that some sort of consensus emerges that could be useful for policy-makers, but this CFP is not foreseeing that as necessary.


The conference will be organized by the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies in collaboration with The Kettil Bruun Society, The Finnish Foundation for Alcohol Studies and the National Institute of Public Health.


16.04.2012 Registration and abstract submission (matias.karekallas(at)

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30.06.2012 Payment of early bird registration fee 300 euros

16.09.2012 Payment of regular registration fee 400 euros

16.09.2012 Free cancellation ends

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