Preparation of target programmes is well under way

With the summer holidays drawing to a close, now is a good time to look ahead to the autumn. Faculties and independent institutes as well as the University’s Central Administration are well on the way to preparing their draft target programmes and action plans for the new strategy period 2013–2016.

Information gathered at the University level shows that the areas of development most often cited in the unit draft plans relate to careful human resources planning, active recruitment, the application of research results and competence, the high standard of degrees and teaching as well as interactive leadership in support of collegiality. Also emphasised are themes related to sustainable finances, such as the provision of greater operational focus and structural development. A vital part of the planning process is to define concrete measures related to the areas of development as well as to determine the relevant resources and responsibilities.

This autumn, the strategy blog will present the units’ strategic choices, experiences and good practices as they prepare to implement the new strategy. Discussion on implementing the strategy will continue actively in several forums.

Janne Sariola

Head of Development, Strategic Planning and Quality Assurance