Hannu and Urszula in Hirosaki, 2012









Ruralia-instituutin projektisuunnittelija  Urszula Zimoch

It’s been a while since our trip to Japan, but the memories are still so colourful, like it would be yesterday.

After receiving invitation from Koyata-san, somewhere in the summer, the preparation for the trip took many months.  It was Sunday 14th of October, when Hannu and I took 9,5h long flight (surprisingly we were not in the same plane) to Narita airport. Our travelling plans with Hannu were different from the beginning to the end. Mine plan was: to take a plane to Narita then get to the Tokyo Train station, then by Shinkansen to Aomori-shi then local train to Hirosaki. Regardless many worries of Koyata-san, my trip went smoothly and I got to Hirosaki without any problems. Lue loppuun