South Ostrobothnia – the next island of innovation in Finland?

This is the second post I’m writing for Ruralia blog.

Almost 6 months have passed by since I was hired as senior researcher and despite the global pandemic – which has basically locked me in my house – I have been able to do some progress on the topic of my research “Entrepreneurship and Innovation towards sustainable food systems”.

Since I was deprived of the possibility to physically travel, I have been at least able to virtually take journeys to Seinäjoki and its surrounding areas through long desk researches, zoom meetings, email and teams chats. I have been able to talk to colleagues at Ruralia Institute and in other research institutions but also to regional stakeholders, development agencies, municipal officers and entrepreneurs.

I have started to make my mind up about the strengths and weaknesses of the region, about the level of innovation, the potential for entrepreneurs, the obstacles that need to be overcome and the immense potential of the region. Lue loppuun

Entrepreneurship + Innovation = A Sustainable Food System for Finland

Food plays a central role in our life. It doesn’t matter if we are foodies who love trying multiple dishes at fancy restaurants, or someone who sees food as nothing but fuel: we all have one thing in common – we need to eat to survive.

Meals frame our day. Eating a varied diet can nourish both body and mind, can bring us joy and connect us with others. But there is something we often forget to reflect about: the big, complex mechanisms that allow us to bring food to the table, i.e the food supply chain. Lue loppuun