The Project

The research project Conflicting Identities: Social and Religious Identities in Light of the Qumran Material from the Judaean Desert is funded by the Academy of Finland in years 2008-2010.

Raija Sollamo The project is led by Professor (emerita) Raija Sollamo.

Participants and Individual Projects:

Juhana Saukkonen ThD Juhana Saukkonen
Religion at Qumran: Archaeological and Textual Perspectives
Mika S. Pajunen ThM Mika S. Pajunen
Collections of Apocryphal Psalms from Qumran
Hanna Vanonen ThM Hanna Vanonen
War and Violence in the War Texts of Qumran
Hanna Tervanotko ThM Hanna Tervanotko
Denying Her Voice: The Figure of Miriam in Ancient Jewish Literature
Hanne von Weissenberg Academy of Finland Post Doctoral Research Fellow, ThD Hanne von Weissenberg
‘Canon’ and Identity in Light of the Qumran Collection
Associate Member ThM Kamilla Skarström (Umeå)
Two Spirits Treatise in the Qumran Community Rule

Advisory Board:

Prof. Eugene Ulrich (Notre Dame)
Prof. Sarianna Metso (Toronto)
ThD Jutta Jokiranta (Helsinki Collegium of Advanced Studies)


Prof. Petri Luomanen and his project Explaining Early Jewish and Christian Movements: Ritual, Memory and Identity.

Nordic Network in Qumran Studies (NordForsk)

Prof. Armin Lange, Institut für Judaistik, Universität Wien

Prof. George Brooke, Centre for Biblical Studies, University of Manchester

Prof. Eileen Schuller, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

Prof. Reinhard Kratz and Dr.Annette Steudel, Qumran-Forschungsstelle (Theological Faculty) and Qumran-Lexicon-Project (Academy of Sciences in Göttingen)

Dr. Charlotte Hempel, Birmingham Fellow, University of Birmingham

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