Instructions for the Climate-Friendly Recipe Competition

Climate Food Week 2020 is about to begin!

HYY Environmental Committee is organising Climate Food Week for the first time! It will be between the 12th and 19th of November, during which we will be spreading awareness and knowledge about the impact of our food habits on the climate, more information about the environmental issues within the food industry, as well as about future food solutions. We are also organising a Climate-Friendly Recipe Competition for University of Helsinki students! This is a great opportunity to share and find new, easy, and delicious recipe ideas, making it easier to eat in a more climate-friendly manner on a student budget. The best recipe will win a fantastic prize from Ruohonjuuri! 

Take part in the competition by coming up with your own recipe or by sharing one of your favourites (however, please don’t copy anyone else’s recipe without mentioning the original creator of the recipe!). Post the recipe and a picture of the dish to Instagram with the hashtags #ilmastoruokaviikko (Climate Food Week) and #hyynreseptikilpailu (HYY’s Recipe Competition), and tag our account in the post @hyy_ymparisto. If you are using Instagram story, please save your post to the highlights while the competition is on-going. The most commendable and creative climate-friendly recipe will be awarded an eco-friendly prize bundle worth 50€ and there will be an additional raffel between participants for product prizes from Ruohonjuuri as well.

Make sure to follow the HYY Environmental Committee on social media, where we will be posting daily about climate-friendly food from different perspectives throughout the campaign (Facebook: HYYn Ymparistöasiat, Instagram @hyy_ymparisto, blog: https://blogs.helsinki.fi/hyy-ymp/). 

The campaign ends on Thursday 19th of November at 6 pm with our webinar, “Better food choices and environmental actions”, where we will be discussing the topic with different experts: https://www.facebook.com/events/390072405355609 (unfortunately the webinar is only in Finnish).