New Committee members and Committee meetings in spring 2022

Words: Julia Keipi and Siina Kallio

HYY Environmental Committee had its first meeting in spring 2022 on Thursday 18.1., welcoming its new Committee members. Due to the current pandemic restrictions the meeting was held on Zoom. The atmosphere in the meeting was excited and everyone is looking forward to spring and its events.

Committee members spring 2022

Chairperson: Emilia Linnekoski

Vice chairpersons: Emilia Karttunen and Sara Lahdelma

Communications team: Kristian Keinänen, Jasmin Palomäki, Petri Seppä, Anna Jarske

Event team: Anna Jarske, Laura Korhonen, Nella Koivula, Wilma Lindberg

Excursion coordinator: Petri Seppä

Campaign coordinator: Eevi Tiihonen

Education coordinator: Jonna Rönn

Blog coordinators: Siina Kallio Julia Keipi, Anna Jarske

Committee meetings in spring 2022

Thursday 17.2. 6pm, hybdird in Zoom and Domus Academica in Mechelininkatu 3 D

Wednesday 16.3. 6pm

Tuesday 12.4. 6pm

Monday 9.5. 6pm

The meetings are open for everyone.

Join us for the newcomer’s evening next Tuesday 15.2 at 6pm, in Domus Academica in Mechelininkatu 3 D! Additionally, the applications for event team are open until 17.2.