ICE alumni event 2019

One of the questions we get most often as students of Intercultural Encounters is what kind of work we can do, or are ‘trained’ to do, when we graduate. Therefore, we decided to organize an alumni event in order to shed some light on what you can do with a degree in Intercultural Encounters. We had 4 panellists, both Finns and foreigners, who have all stayed to work in Helsinki upon graduation.

The alumni event was held in the Main Building UniCafé on April 29th at from 5pm-7pm.

Our 4 panellists were:

Jinguan Lin, Marketing Communications Manager at

Jana Turk, Coordinator at Moniheli Ry

John Hills, Head of Growth at Duuers

Kajsa Ekroos, Senior Planning Officer at the Finnish University Partnership for International Development

We had a very fruitful discussion and even had a (hopefully!) prospective student in the audience – we touched on issues such as internships, the Master’s thesis, the career paths of the panellists and the skills they each fostered whilst doing the ICE programme. They had very interesting insight into what ICE can offer students and what we can offer to employers when we grauduate.

It was a very pleasant discussion and all panellists were excellent representatives of the ICE-programme. We find it important to keep the discussion going as to what we can do when we graduate, as ICE is truly one of those programmes where you have to sell yourself to employers. We weren’t able to agree on a definition of ICE, but perhaps that is the beauty of our degree!

Jinguan had a very important point when asked about what his favorite part of ICE was: the classmates. We would like to second that – the best part about ICE is the people. All the people we’ve met who studied ICE have one thing in common: their open mind. That is probably why we go so great together, and why there is a strong sense of community and bond amongst older and newer ICE students.

We would like to thank everyone who came – we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.