TOM – Course description

Usually starts at 15.30
Biomedicum 1

First things first, this meetings’ setting is a very casual one. We want to create a society for exchange of knowledge and ideas of people doing/interested in Bioinformatics/Applied Statistics. The idea is to bring them together and we hope that this will be beneficial for all of us.

Tool Of the Month (TOM) is a platform to discuss the various tools and methods that we use in our research. We can discuss various bioinformatics algorithms, softwares, packages in R/Python/Perl/any-of-your-favourite-language. And if you want to talk about your research that’s even better!

Each time we meet, we will have one or two talks about a method/tool/idea in a format the that can be freely decided by the presenter. And if you want to continue the exciting conversation with the eclectic crowd, feel free to take it to nearby restaurants/pubs. What’s more, you can receive credits, by only presenting once and actively participating to TOM meetings!


Students can obtain credits from presenting and/or attending TOM-meetings as follows:
a) attending 6 meetings & filling the feedback form =1 cr
b) doing a) and giving a presentation = 2 cr

Attendances do not all have to be from the same year
Credits can be registered after each spring term


TOM mailing list
If you would like to receive notifications of the upcoming meetings, you can join the TOM mailing list following the instructions shown here:

Name of the mailing list is ils-tom

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