TOM 08.02.2017

Venue: Biomedicum 1, Meeting room 5-6, 3rd Floor

Timing: 15:30 onwards

Presenter: Dr. Matti Kankainen, Bioinformatics Team, FIMM

Best practices in RNA-seq data analysis

RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) has become an indispensable tool to characterize transcriptomes and understand the molecular indicators of disease and treatment. It is a powerful technology to study gene expression and discover novel isoforms, in addition to which RNA-seq has proven to be highly useful technique to discover expressed coding variants, deep intronic mutations, and fusion-transcripts. In this talk, I will describe how we at the FIMM sequencing center process RNA-seq data from model organisms and will give a sneak preview to the upcoming new analysis features we are developing at the moment.

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