TOM 10.05.2017

Venue: Biomedicum 1, Meeting room 3, P-floor

Timing: 15:30 onwards

Presenter: Abhishekh Gupta, Post-doc, Group Aittokallio, FIMM

Drug response quantification: past, present and future

Quantifying drug response is crucial for assessing vulnerabilities of cancer cells, and plays an important role in drug discovery.  In this talk, I will present state-of-the-art methods to infer drug response from high-throughput drug screening experiments. In addition, I will illustrate a novel Normalized Drug Response (NDR) metric which realistically captures full-spectrum of the drug-induced effects. The drug sensitivity scores based on this metric are able to precisely capture the drug’s biological behavior, aiding the differentiation of drugs as into distinct drug-classes, namely lethal, sub-effective, effective and growth-stimulatory.

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