TOM 14.03.2018

Venue: Biomedicum 1, Seminar room 1-2, P-floor

Timing: 16:00 onwards

Presenter: Julia Casado

Cyto: single cell data analysis framework

New single cell technologies offer high-dimensional quantitative data. Technologies like mass cytometry and scRNA-seq are used increasingly in clinical research, especially in the study of cancer and immunology. This creates an unprecedented opportunity as well as a computational challenge due to the vast amount of data produced in each experiment. I will give a tutorial style talk on the existing methods to overcome this challenge and will present Cyto, a computational framework designed to rapidly integrate these methods and adapt to new research questions. Cyto is fully open source and currently only available in developer version. I hope the talk will be beneficial both for bioinformaticians and biologists interested in single cell transcriptomics and proteomics. Although there will be some small code examples, the talk will highlight the main steps in single cell analyses using a mass cytometry dataset from ovarian tumors as the central example.