TOM 25.04.2018

Venue: Viikki Infocenter room 139, live stream in Meilahti Terkko auditorium 2013

Timing: 16:00 onwards

Presenter: Rishi Das Roy


At present RNA-sequencing is a very popular method to measure gene expressions. The data generated from sequencing machines are required to go through QC, filtering and quantification steps or pipeline ( collection of softwares). There are plenty of tutorials in the internet or workshops available to learn any of these pipelines. However, many times they are difficult to implement/install in users own desktop or server (like Taito supercluster of CSC).

Here, I present a pipeline 4-RNA-seq which can be easily installed in any Slurm based job scheduling system such as Taito. Further, I will discuss how to execute and customize it.

Target audience : Those who want to make their own pipeline in superclusters.


For those who are unable to go to Viikki, we have booked Terkko auditorium 2013 in Meilahti, where you can follow live stream of this month’s TOM session

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