Welcome to ILS PRISM. We are delighted to inaugurate the launch of a blog space from the ILS Doctoral Program. We hope that the blog will trigger the electrical impulses in the readers’ brain to be more inspired about science and also communicate it.

The ILS PRISM will serve as a space for:

(i) creative outlet in the form of writing or other medium of communication for ILS members
(ii) reporting news of ongoing activities at ILS
(ii) sharing some of the best scientific writing or related contents available in the web to read, watch, listen

We would like to invite the students and PIs in the ILS community to send your write-ups, and also of others that you read and think they are worth sharing to a wider community. We would be pleased to post your blog material if you are into blogging.

This blog is maintained by Alok Jaiswal and Mridul Johari from ILS Student Council. For more information email us at:

alok.jaiswal at helsinki dot fi
mridul.johari at helsinki dot fi
ils-council at helsinki dot fi