ACTRIS-Finland Symposium

National Aerosol, Clouds and Trace Gases symposium

25.11.2020, 09:00–13:00 EEST (GMT+2)

Note: This event was separate from the INAR National Network Seminar

ACTRIS-Finland and Finnish Association for Aerosol Research (FAAR) organized a virtual half-day seminar on Wednesday 25th November 2020 concentrating on observations of aerosol, clouds and reactive trace gases. The aim of the symposium is to facilitate networking and exchange of knowledge among groups working on similar topics at different institutes across Finland and increase knowledge about the ACTRIS infrastructure and what it offers for researchers.


8:30 Zoom meeting opens (presenters are encouraged to test their connections)
9–9:05 Welcome and introduction (Katrianne Lehtipalo)
9:05–9:20 What is ACTRIS? (Sanna Sorvari Sundet)
9:20–9:35 ACTRIS Finland (Tuukka Petäjä)
9:35–11:30 Research activities within ACTRIS Finland

    • 9:35–9:50 Studies of long-term trends at SMEAR II (Katrianne Lehtipalo)
    • 9:50–10.05 Calibration center for sub-10nm particles and reactive trace gases (Tuija Jokinen)
    • 10:05–10:30 Activities at Tampere University (Miikka Dal Maso & Miska Olin)

COFFEE BREAK 10:30–10:45
10:45 GROUP PHOTO (please put your camera on)

    • 10:45–11:00 Developing ACTRIS exploratory platforms – FMI UAV research (David Brus)
    • 11:00–11:15 VOC measurements within ACTRIS (Heidi Hellén)
    • 11:15–11:30 Ground-based remote sensing (Ewan O’Connor)

11:3012:30 Mini-presentations (3 min/speaker) by Early Career Scientists
12:3012:35 Closing words

List of ECS mini-presentations:

  1. Ylivinkka, Ilona, INAR: Examining sulfuric acid proxies in Hyytiälä
  2. Schallhart, Simon, FMI: VOC fluxes using a VOCUS PTR-TOF
  3. Huang, Wei, INAR: Molecular composition and volatility of gaseous organic compounds in a borealforest: From VOC to HOM
  4. Sulo, Juha, INAR: Long-term measurement of sub-3nm particles and the precursors in the borealforest
  5. Baalbaki, Rima, INAR: A one-year study of new particle formation in Cyprus
  6. Okuljar, Magdalena, INAR: Influence of traffic and new particle formation on the particlepopulation in Helsinki
  7. Barreira, Luis, FMI: In-depth characterization of submicron particulate matter at a street canyonsite in Helsinki
  8. Poikkimäki, Mikko, TAU: Atmospheric local scale nanomaterial dispersion modeling
  9. Pullinen, Iida, UEF: Using FIGAERO-CIMS to investigate particle volatility
  10. Keskinen, Helmi-Marja, TAU: Long-term aerosol mass concentrations in southern Finland
  11. Heikkinen, Liine, INAR: Insights from the long-term ACSM measurements at SMEAR II
  12. Kyllönen, Katriina, FMI: Trends and source apportionment of heavy metals in PM at Pallas duringthe last 23 years
  13. Brasseur, Zoe, INAR: Vertical profile of ice nucleating particle concentrations in a borealenvironment
  14. Doulgeris, Konstantinos, FMI: In situ cloud ground-based measurements in the Finnish sub-Arctic
  15. Li, Haoran, INAR: Multi-year statistics of cloud ice formation at temperatures warmer than -10 C

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