Industrial Pharmacy Research

Industrial pharmacy includes manufacturing, development, marketing and distribution of drug products and quality assurance of these activities. This broad research area relates to several functions in pharmaceutical industry. Research in industrial pharmacy is conducted both at the academia and in pharmaceutical industry as collaboration projects. The research can either include laborative work, interview or survey studies. The main research topics at the university are the novel formulation technologies for paediatric, elderly and veterinary patients and the stabilisation of biopharmaceuticals in freeze-dried or in spray-dried formulations.

Scientific publications and academic activities of the research group are described in more detail in the University of Helsinki Research Portal (available via the links below).

Professor Anne Juppo
Docent Mia Sivén


Doctoral Dissertations in Industrial Pharmacy

Tiina Lipiäinen (2018) Stability and analysis of solid-state forms in pharmaceutical powders. e-thesis

Jaana Hautala (2017) Improving the Palatability of Minitablets for Feline Medication” e-thesis

Minna Matikainen (2015) Launching New Products in the Finnish Pharmaceutical Industry: A Relationship Approach. e-thesis

Kirsi Rosenqvist (2014) The effect of systemically and locally administered clodronate on bone quality. e-thesis

Petteri Heljo (2013) Comparison of disaccharides and polyalcohols as stabilizers in freeze-dried protein formulations. e-thesis

Nina Kivikero (2010) Granulation in Miniaturised Fluid Bed Using Electrostatic Atomisation. e-thesis

Pekka Hoppu (2008) Characterisation and processing of amorphous binary mixtures with low glass transition temperature. e-thesis


Licentiate Dissertations in Industrial Pharmacy

Minna Puttonen 2023 Use of Real-World Evidence in Market Access of Novel Gastrointestinal Pharmaceuticals in Finland

Pauliina Ehlers 2022 Interface of functional foods and drugs – milk-derived peptides, plant  sterols and cardiovascular function in focus

Anna-Kaisa Tuderman 2021 Freeze-drying of isomalt diastereomer mixtures and their effects on protein stabilization during freeze-drying

Anu Gummerus (DRA Consulting) 2017 Outsourcing the Regulatory Affairs in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Satu Kujala (Medfiles) 2016 Imidatsoliini-1-agonistin (moksonidiini) ja beetasalpaajan (atenololi) vaikutus insuliiniherkkyyteen, postmenopausaalisiin oireisiin ja verenpaineeseen hypertensiivisillä postmenopausaalisilla naisilla

Marianee Torkko (Orion) 2014 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in Quality Management

Anu Linna (Orion) 2010 Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) Audit Preparation Tool in Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer Audits


Research in Specialisation Ecucation in Industrial Pharmacy (ERKO since 2016)

Specialisation Education Theses can be found in the Digital Repository of the University of Helsinki HELDA, recent publications:

2023 M.Sc. Alise Rivare “Artificial intelligence and digitalization in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs” (Full text in here)

2023 M.Sc. Maaja Ivask “Compliance with Pregnancy Prevention Recommendations for Isotretinoin Following the Amendment of the European Union Pregnancy Prevention Program: a Repeat Nationwide Drug Utilization Study in Estonia” (Full text in here)

2023 M.Sc. Annika Lasn “Managed Entry Agreements : European Payers Experiences” (Full text in here)

2022 B.Sc. Heli Kuukka “Lääkeaineiden ympäristöriskinarviointi Euroopan lääkeviraston ohjeiston (2006) ja luonnosohjeen (2018) mukaan” (Full text in here)

2022 B.Sc. Tuija Orre “Koronarokotteiden haastava logistiikka sekä rokotehävikki Suomessa vuonna 2021” (Full text in here)

2022 B.Sc. Maria Kajander “Radiofarmaseuttiset valmisteet Suomessa”

2022 M.Sc. Kadri Sirkas “Could paper package leaflet be left out from hospital products” Eploratory Research in Clinical and Social Pharmacy 7 (Full text in here)

2022 B.Sc. Jenna Väre “Velvoitevarastointi ja poikkeustilat – toimet lääkkeiden saatavuuden varmistamiseksi Suomessa” (Full text in here)

2021 M.Sc. Andreas Sandberg “Regulation Awareness and Experience of Additional Monitoring Among Healthcare Professionals in Finland”. Healthcare 9(11), (Full text in here)

2021 M.Sc. Eero Mäki-Lohiluoma “Use of machine learning in prediction of granule particle size distribution and tablet tensile strength in commercial pharmaceutical manufacturing”. Int. J. Pharm. 609 (Full text in here)

2021 M.Sc. Henna Juvonen “The effect of relative humidity and formulation variables on chewable xylitol-sorbitol tablets”. Int. J. Pharm 601 (Full text in here)

2021 M.Sc. Hele Anderspuk “Effects of crosslinking on the physical solid-state and dissolution properties of 3D-printed theophylline tablets”. Annals of 3D Printed Medicine (Full text in here)

2020 B.Sc. Linda Tossavainen-Niikki “The bioequivalence of generic medicines leading to referrals in the EU: The impact of guidance”  (Full text in here)

2019 B.Sc. Marjaana Ahvenlammi-Sieppi “Pään alueen sunttien erityispiirteet rekisteröinnin ja laadun näkökulmasta”   (Full text in here)

2019 B.Sc. Elina Viitanen Risk Assessment – Transportation of medicinal products (Full text in here)


Publications in Media and Social Interaction

2023 Tandem Industry Academia (TIA) Professor, funding Anne Juppo University of Helsinki – Bayer, project Development of novel medical devices for oral administration of protein and peptide pharmaceuticals

2022 Terveysalan huippuosaajat: Haastattelu Anne Juppo “Pieniä, suuria onnistumisen tunteita ja jatkuvaa itsensä uudistamista” Lääketeollisuus ry 22.3.2022

2021 ÄLYCast podcast  Älykäs lääketutkimus huomioi ympäristön Mia Sivén (HY) & Kati Nyman (Bayer) haastattelijana Eero Rämö (Tekiri)

2020 University of Helsinki News Spe­cial­isa­tion stud­ies in in­dus­trial pharmacy pro­duce top ex­perts for the phar­ma­ceut­ical in­dustry

2020 Proviisori -lehti Erikoistumiskoulutus tuo varmuutta työhön (s.15)

2020 Farmasia -lehti Teollisuusfarmasian erikoistumiskoulutus alkaa Viikissä

2019 ORBIS Mid-Term Meeting, Research and Innovation Staff Exchange, 25.-26.9.2019 Poznan, Poland. Dr. Sivén speaker. See Interview in here (starting at 3:06)

2016 Anne Juppo and Mia Sivén “Research in Specialization Studies in Industrial Pharmacy benefits pharmaceutical industry” (Full text in here)