Final project meeting held at the Innovation Fund, Kopenhagen, Denmark


The third and final project meeting was held in Kopenhagen at the Innovation Fund Denmark as well as at the Agency for Modernisation – Ministry of Finance, and the National Centre for Public Sector Innovation (COI) in Denmark from the 14h to the 16th of August 2018.

Day one of the project meeting started with an introductory visit to Innovation Fund Denmark. The visit included a presentation of the funds operations including the Grand Solutions, InnoFounder that focus on recent graduates and their possibilities for becoming aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as InnoBooster and their work on creating industrial researchers.

Day two started with a seminar where the project´s main results were presented. The seminar started with presentations on new solutions for collaboration from a digital perspective, how to steer and lead megaprojects, how to utilize project driven innovations, as well as the contradictory concept of innovation. The presentations were followed by a panel discussion on the practical implications of the project results.

A policy repport containing the main project results can be downloaded HERE

The afternoon included a visit to the Agency for Modernisation – Ministry of Finance where the The Danish political strategy for modernization was presented.

Day three started out with a visit to Danish National Centre for Public Sector Innovation (COI) where the centers work on spreading public sector innovations were presented. The afternoon was devoted to the Inno-Nord projects next steps.  

  • The entire seminar programme from the project meeting can be downloaded HERE. (In swedish)

From left: Stefan Sjöblom, Sidsel Hougaard, Christian Jensen, Birgit Jaeger, Sebastian Godenhjelm, Evert Vedung, Mats Fred, Karl-Erik Sveiby, Anila Nauni, Isak Vento, Glenn Gran, Therese Dille

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