Day Five: Symposium and the Closing Ceremony

We are sad to admit that it is over. The Symposium and the Closing Ceremony took place in the cosy sauna space Sivistys. Before the brunch there was possibility to go to sauna one more time and some of the people took the advantage of it. The sunny Friday felt like Sunday 🙂

CIMG2808The brunch included everything refreshing and the sofas were comfortable after the last night party. Life is so good sometimes!


During the symposium we heard the conclusions of every workshop. More about the workshops is available on this blog. Go and find out about all the cool things!

CIMG2813 CIMG2814

CIMG2815 CIMG2816

CIMG2817 CIMG2818

CIMG2821 CIMG2822


And now those sunny seminar days in Helsinki are over. We were excited, we put all our effort on learning new things about geography, we had excursions around the city, we saw interesting lectures, we laughed and cried, we experienced a lot togehter. That I think, was also interaction in urban space.

Thank you so much for making this seminar happen. We enjoyed having you here!  There’s no doubt about it because it’s EGEA, but see you people again sometimes somewhere! 🙂


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