Helsinki Living

Different organizations and links are collected here to give you some ideas on ways to not only survive but THRIVE in Helsinki.


Orientation: There are 8 major districts in Helsinki, divided into 34 subdistricts. These can also be divided into numerous smaller divisions or sorted into neighborhoods. The best way to get to know Helsinki is by walking or biking, but to get a better sense of its orientation, refer to the following graphic:


Transportation: For both planning journeys and getting monthly transit cards (show your student ID for a discount) check out the HSL website here.


Housing: Hopefully you have your housing situation sorted, but if not you can find student housing through HOAS.


Events: There‚Äôs always events being organized both professionally and socially all around Helsinki. We recommend the following websites: MyHelsinki, VisitFinland, and University of Helsinki Events. Following the Facebook pages of groups you are interested in is also a great way to stay informed, see for example CISSI (that’s us!) and Kannunvalajat.