Working With Internationals

English Guide To Key Student Organisations
Download // Caelum Davies, 2018

One page summary of five+ student organisations relevant to CISSI members. All text taken from websites of organisations in question. Covers: CISSI, Kannu, Erasmus Student Network, HYY, Student Nations. Also, links to finding subject/interest specific organisations.

Tutoring Into Emails
Download // Contributions from:  Camille Burgan, Saimi Vesalainen (with Anton), and Caelum Davies, 2018

Three real-life example introductory emails sent by tutors to exchange and international masters students.

(Draft) Tutoring International Students
Download // Jenni Uimonen & Caelum Davies, 2018

This guide was produced in conjunction with exchange students and former tutors. It utilises survey information from CISSI’s Summer 2018 tutoring questionnaire. It outlines a number of steps tutors can take to enhance the tutoring experience for themselves and their students. It emphasises some of the unique challenges international students face.

Internationality Action Plan
Download // Maria Luhtaniemi, 2016

This guide was produced in conjunction with Kannunvalajat. It outlines four simple ways others- especially student organisations- can better support the needs of International Students.