Project Background


The study consisted of two separate assessments using on-line questionnaires: the baseline assessment of employees of the ECHA before their actual move to Finland (pre-migration stage), and the follow-up assessment approximately 6 months after the relocation (post-migration stage). The pre-migration data consisted of 110 participants and the post-migration data of 49 participants. A total of 24 employees participated in both rounds, providing data for longitudinal analyses that enabled mapping the causal relationships between pre-migration factors and post-migration adjustment.

The first part of the study provides an analysis of the factors related to three dimensions of pre-migration adaptation: psychological (i.e., well-being and relocation stress), socio-psychological (i.e., attitudes towards Finns) and organizational adaptation (i.e., identification with the ECHA). In the second part, the same dimensions of expatriate adaptation and their antecedents are assessed in the post-migration stage. In addition, a fourth dimension – socio-cultural adaptation (managing everyday life and interactions in a new country) – is included in the analysis. The third part of the study focuses on changes in the three dimensions of adaptation that were measured at both pre- and post-migration stages.

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