Moving the New Year Seminar online

ISHA Helsinki and the board of ISHA International had a meeting today about the upcoming New Year seminar and discussed how we could carry out the seminar under the restrictions. Unfortunately, due to the recent restrictions by the Finnish authorities and University of Helsinki on public gatherings and university activities, we decided to cancel the hybrid model, and move it completely online. We couldn’t see a way to organise the seminar safely and according to the restrictions, since in-person gatherings or activities organised (also in the name of the student organisations) are forbidden until the 17th January. We are at the moment letting the participants know about the situation.

We are really devastated that we had to make this decision and not organise the seminar physically, but at the moment moving the seminar online seems like the most feasible option. Sadly we cannot postpone the seminar once again, but we will work on organising an unofficial gathering in Helsinki later in the spring for the participants of the seminar and other ISHA people who would like to come and experience life in Helsinki. Hopefully, then the pandemic will be kinder to our plans. We wish you the best of New Year and we hope to see you soon in Helsinki!