Two-Typhoon Week

As I wrote in the last post, I’ve been busy running around getting things sorted out, but two little things have one some days kept me home, namely typhoons Bolaven and Tembin. Bolaven came closest to us on Tuesday, but it was far enough out to sea when it was near Seoul that all we got was some strong winds and rain. Tembin came a little bit closer, although by the time it was near us, it had degraded into a tropical storm and all we got was a whole day of continuous, occasionally heavy rain.

In 2003 I got to experience typhoon Maemi, one of the strongest ever to hit Korea and I was not too far away from its path. At the time, I was visiting Gyeongju, the historical capital of Korea, and Maemi made for an interesting night. Wind was blowing extremely heavily, it was raining, and my hotel room was right at the end of the building, so the wind was actually blowing directly on my room’s wall. Nothing bad happened, but the following morning was quite interesting with lots of uprooted and fallen trees all over the city. TV also showed interesting footage of the damage Maemi had done on the southern coast, with beached ships, fallen cranes in harbors, etc.

Today was a clear, and not so hot day. That was a nice change from the weather so far. Hopefully it’ll get a little bit cooler, although given the choice of the weather here or the +16 C currently in Helsinki, I think I’d go for the warmer weather. 🙂

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