Long time ago, when I still had some free time, I considered photography to be sort of a hobby. I have what used to be a decent camera, well, still is, since it’s a DSLR and the lenses do not get obsolete at the same speed as camera sensors. Not that there’s anything wrong with my camera and 8 MP is plenty for taking photos.

I took my camera and a couple of lenses with me, hoping to find some time for getting back into taking photos and also sharing them on this blog. The former is still in the plan, but the latter has been partly shot down by our friendly blog administrators. They have provided a princely 30 MB of storage space for files. No, that’s not a typo, 30 _mega_ bytes, which in the modern age of petabytes and cameras producing 5 MB+ images is more an insult than useful. (I suppose I should be grateful, since the instructions for the blog server mention each user having 10 MB of storage, so it’s been worse before.) Uploading 1 lousy photo ate about 15% of my storage allotment and I just don’t think I’ll be able to make it through the year with 6 photos. (Yes, you can ask for more storage, but would it really kill anyone to give a bit more storage? After all, it’s not like there’s tons of blogs hosted on our server…)

Which then brings me to Flickr, which I’ve been using for many years now and where I’ve uploaded lots of photos in the past. You can check out my photo stream, the set of photos from Korea from my past trips, or any of the other photos. I’ll also keep on uploading photos from this year on Flickr. Some of them will be used in the blog, but not all, so there’s more stuff there than you’ll find here

Yes, so this posting was a shameless plug for my photos on Flickr. And? Just click on those links, all the photos are SFW. 🙂

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