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Mobile Phones in the USA

Here comes the obvious sequel to my stories about mobile phones in Korea. Well, we came to California and as I suspected earlier, things did not improve. From my business trips to the US over the past couple of years, … Continue reading

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Mobile Phones in Korea, Addendum

One small addendum to my Korean experience is that the supposed automatic recharging of my prepaid data plan with KT didn’t quite work as expected. Sure, it recharged itself twice during last fall, but in December it didn’t do it … Continue reading

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First Days of School

This week has been the first week in school for The Daughter. Sure, she’s been in day care or kindergarten in Finland and Korea, but given how the system here in California works, she’s now for the first time officially … Continue reading

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Coming to America

The Pacific Ocean is safely behind us and we’ve arrived in California. We flew in last week and tomorrow will mark the first week of us being here. So far things are going well, we’ve found a place to live … Continue reading

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