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Retrospective, Part III :-)

It wasn’t my intention to stop blogging after my return, even though my original motivation for starting the blog was to chronicle my experiences during my sabbatical. A funny thing happened, namely I had forgotten how busy and hectic things … Continue reading

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Retrospective, Part II

Here’s the second part of my retrospective look at my sabbatical year. The first part focused on more higher level issues, but this one is more about practical stuff for those planning or thinking about a sabbatical themselves. It’s not … Continue reading

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Retrospective, Part I

During one year you can learn quite a lot and make many observations of the different cultures that you live in. This post serves as kind of a retrospective look on the year, focusing mainly on life in general, experiences … Continue reading

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Back to Square 1

That’s it, we’re back at home in Finland. The trip home went smoothly and without any hiccups (except for the still-lingering jet lag since it’s only 4 days that we’ve been back). Home was where we had left it and … Continue reading

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Commuting and Cars

Back home in Finland, I commute by car, largely because the Kumpula campus where I work, is very poorly reachable by public transport from places north of it. Also for the past years The Daughter’s daycare was not within walking … Continue reading

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Angry Birds or Finland Takes Over the World

Hi, my name is Jussi and I play Angry Birds. There, I said it. Happy now? πŸ™‚ Yes, I’ve been playing Angry Birds (all 6 different iPhone versions of them) on my iPhone and more recently on my iPad, since … Continue reading

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Is Food Expensive in Finland?

Everyone (in Finland) “knows” that food in Finland is by far the most expensive in the world, because of “whatever the imagined reason du jour happens to be”. Hmmm… an astute reader might detect a hint of sarcasm in that … Continue reading

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When you are a customer of a non-Finnish bank, you very quickly come to appreciate how well the whole banking system works in Finland. No, I don’t claim it’s without any problems Finland, but trust me, from the point of … Continue reading

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Learning Korean

Aargh! I actually wanted to start this posting with a more friendly “μ•ˆλ…•ν•˜μ„Έμš””, i.e., “hello” in Korean, but in retrospect, “aargh” captures the situation better. I’ve just come from the final exam of my language class and my head feels … Continue reading

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Kids in Korea

I’ve had some questions on how the kids have adapted to life in Korea, so here are some observations and stories. No photos, though, not because I don’t have them, but because I don’t want to post them publicly on … Continue reading

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