Current Editors

Editors from left to right: Kai Lindberg, Timo Virtanen, Tuija Wicklund, Anna Pulkkis, Sakari Ylivuori.

Anna Pulkkis (anna.pulkkis(at)
Timo Virtanen (timo.virtanen(at)
Tuija Wicklund (tuija.wicklund(at)
Sakari Ylivuori (sakari.ylivuori(at)
Kai Lindberg (kai.lindberg(at)

Kari Kilpeläinen has retired.

External editor:
Pekka Helasvuo

Kai Lindberg graduated as a teacher of music theory at the Helsinki Conservatory of Music in 1990. He took a master’s degree at the department of Composition and Music Theory at the Sibelius Academy in 1998. Lindberg defended his doctoral dissertation Aspects of Form and Voice-Leading Structure in the First Movements of Anton Bruckner’s Symphonies Nos. 1, 2, and 3 at the University of the Arts: Sibelius Academy, Helsinki in 2014. He has worked as a teacher of solfège, music theory and music analysis at the Helsinki Conservatory of Music, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, and music theory and analysis at the Sibelius Academy. He began as a proofreader in the complete critical edition Jean Sibelius Works in 1996, and as a half-day editor in 2017.

Anna Pulkkis (s. 1977) studied music theory, piano, and recorder at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. She graduated as Master of Music in 2005 and as Doctor of Music in 2014. The title of her music-analytical doctoral dissertation is Alternatives to Monotonality in Jean Sibelius’s Solo Songs.
Pulkkis taught music theory subjects at the East Helsinki Music Institute in 2002–2005 and at the Sibelius Academy in 2004–2009. She started as a proofreader in the Jean Sibelius Works project in 2004. Since the beginning of 2006, Pulkkis has worked as a part-time editor in the JSW. She is also a freelance music writer and a singer in the Helsinki Music Centre Choir.

Timo Virtanen (b. 1965) studied music theory, cello and piano at Helsinki Conservatory and Sibelius Academy, where he obtained his Doctor of Music degree in 2005. The topic of his dissertation was Sibelius’s Third Symphony (Jean Sibelius: Symphony No. 3: manuscript study and analysis). Virtanen has taught theory and history of music at the Conservatory and Sibelius Academy, where he also teaches critical editing of music.
Virtanen has worked in the Jean Sibelius Complete Works project since 1997, as a full-time researcher since 2003. In October 2004 he was appointed as acting editor-in-chief and in early year 2006 as permanent editor-in-chief of the project.
In 2009, Virtanen was appointed as associate professor (docent) at Sibelius Academy, and in 2015, the President of the Republic of Finland conferred on him the honorary title of professor.

Tuija Wicklund graduated as a piano teacher at the Helsinki Conservatory of Music and as Master of Music at Sibelius Academy (department of composition and music theory) in 1998. Wicklund defended her doctoral dissertation Jean Sibelius’s En saga and Its Two Versions: Genesis, Reception, Edition, and Form in 2014 at the Sibelius Academy.
Wicklund has taught piano playing and music analysis at the Helsinki Conservatory as well as music theory at the Sibelius Academy. She has acted as a proofreader in the complete critical edition Jean Sibelius Works since the project was launched and as an editor since spring 2002. She has edited seven volumes containing orchestral works (Skogsrået, Vårsång, two versions of En saga and Lemminkäinen, Overture in E major, Balettscen, and Symphony No. 4) as well as works for string orchestra.

Sakari Ylivuori (b. 1980) graduated from the Sibelius Academy with a degree in music theory in 2006. He defended his doctoral thesis (Jean Sibelius’s Works for Mixed Choir: A Source Study) in 2013. Ylivuori has taught music analysis and music theory at Sibelius Academy and Metropolia (University of Applied Sciences). He began working at the Jean Sibelius Works as a half-day editor in January 2008. In addition to his editorial work, Ylivuori conducts the Lohja-based mixed choir Laurentius-kuoro, sings with the Helsinki Chamber Choir and researches history of Finnish choral music.