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EuroDIG: Interconnected Spaces

The problem with remote participation is that of linking the physical space and the virtual space into a single space. When it comes to EuroDIG and IGF, during the conference the physical space has always been primary and I believe this is not about to change. However, what can be changed is the connection of the virtual space into the physical space.

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IGF2014: Musings on Remote Participation

As the readers probably know, this week I’ve been participating in the IGF 2014 in Istanbul (Constantinople). Sadly, too often my “participation” has only been following and listening, and not really contributing to the discussion. Of course, sometimes the reason for this is intrinsic: I don’t have anything to say that hasn’t already been mentioned. But the problems with remote participation are partly to blame. Continue reading IGF2014: Musings on Remote Participation

IGF2014: Caches, Metadata and Libraries

I am currently participating in IGF 2014 remotely via the Internet. One of the sessions I was following was the best practices forum for local content. I observed that the different speakers had three main points they wanted to press: caches, libraries and metadata. For some reasons of the importance of local content, have a look at this.

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