Selected Historical Presentations and Materials

Selection, 09-04-2019

Humanities/Social Sciences–Computing Interaction research

04/2019 Humanities/Social Sciences–Computing Interaction Research Showreel (pdfgd)
11/2017 Humanities research based on big cultural heritage data (pdfgd) – Open Licences, Content & Data: Tools for Digital Humanities conference, Tartu, Estonia
07/2017 Linked data in practice in digital humanities projects (pdfgd) – LinDH Digital Humanities Summer School, Madrid, Spain

Methods for digital humanities

2019 Introduction to Methods for Digital Humanities – online/contact learning course at the University of Helsinki

(Defining) digital humanities

10/2017 Helsinki Centre for Digital Humanities (pdfgd) – slides on the centre as a strategic organization
06/2017 Digital humanities and global interaction (pdfgd) – teaching demonstration at the University of Helsinki
06/2017 Contemporary challenges in digital social science methodologies (pdfgd) – teaching demonstration at the University of Helsinki
02/2016 (all) the (different) Digital Humanities (pdfgd) – Digital humanities research seminar, University of Helsinki

Teaching digital humanities (pedagogy)

06/2017 Digital Humanities Hackathon (pdf, gd) – CLARIN-PLUS Workshop on User Involvement, Helsinki, Finland
03/2016 Teaching Digital Humanities at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Helsinki (pdfgd) – Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries conference, Oslo, Norway

Language technology and the digital humanities

10/2018 Language technology in the service of the humanities (pdfgd) – Language technology seminar, University of Helsinki
11/2016 Language technology in the service of the humanities (pdfgd) – SWE-Clarin workshop, Umeå, Sweden
06/2015 Named entities in the digital humanities (pdf, gd) –  Named Entity Recognition in Digital Humanities Workshop, Helsinki, Finland

(Tools for) sociolinguistic research

09/2017 Interfacing structured and unstructured data in sociolinguistic research  on language change (pdfgd) – Academy of Finland DIGIHUM programme visit, London, England
06/2017 Social embedding of neologisms in early English correspondence (pdfgd) – Dynamics of Lexical Innovation workshop, Munich, Germany
10/2016 Developing an interface for historical sociolinguistics (pdfgd) – Digital humanities congress, Sheffield, England

(Tools for) historical research

05/2017 Exploring ECCO: Key moments in 18th-century philosophical literature (pdf, gd) – Never Mine the Mind? – Symposium on computational approaches to intellectual history and the history of philosophy, Helsinki, Finland
01/2017 Case-studies of Consciousness & Public: Text and data mining eighteenth century based on ESTC & ECCO (pdf, gd) – Distant Reading and Data-Driven Research in the History of Philosophy conference, Turin, Italy
01/2017 Text and data mining eighteenth century based on ESTC & ECCO (pdf, gd) – British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies annual conference, Oxford, England

Digital humanities research on newspaper data

01/2018 Research on news corpora (mostly at the Digital Humanities Hackathon 2018 (pdf, gd)

Technological Support for Close Reading

07/2016 CORE – A Contextual Reader based on Linked Data (pdf, gd) – Digital humanities conference, Krakow, Poland

Modeling biographical data

07/2016 We’ll never get a unified biographical data model (pdf, gd) – Biographical Data Workshop, digital humanities conference, Krakow, Poland

Improving Access to Fiction Literature

10/2012 BookSampo – Linked Data in the Service of Fiction Literature (pdf, gd) – DigiEduET seminar

Linked Data and Digital Humanities

03/2017 What can be done with Linked Data? (pdf, gd) – Linked data course, Aalto University

Web Services

2016 Material for the web services course – Aalto University

RDF Data Storage

11/2013 Techniques for efficiently storing and querying RDF (pdfgd) – Media technology research seminar, Aalto University


03/2012 Factors Affecting the Actual and Perceived Amount of Caffeine in Tea – Media technology research seminar, Aalto University

Roleplaying Games

08/2005 The Process Model of Roleplaying (pdfgd) – Knutepunkt 2005