Education as Finland’s hottest export?

In a new dissertation Finland’s newly emerging business sectors, education export, is critically investigated. In the dissertation “Education as Finland’s hottest export? A multi-faceted case study on Finnish national education export policies” JustEd member Monika Schatz combines three case studies that explore opportunities and challenges of Finland’s education export from different angles. Monika defends her dissertation on 28 May at University of Helsinki.

Taken together, the three case studies provide valuable insights into this newly emerging field and call for rethinking current policies and practises.

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New grant promotes researcher mobility between Quebec and the Nordic countries

In cooperation with Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ), NordForsk is now launching a programme to promote researcher mobility between Quebec and the Nordic countries. Up to a total of four researchers may be granted funding for a 1-3 month research visit in Quebec, preferably researchers within existing Nordic Centers of Excellence (NCoE) funded by NordForsk.

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Special Issue: Equality, Inclusion, and Marketisation of Nordic Education

Research in Comparative & International Education

A special issue with the theme “Equality, Inclusion and Marketisation of Nordic Education” has recently been published in the journal RCIE (Research in Comparative and International Education, March 2016, 11(1)) where many of the JustEd members have contributed: Lisbeth Lundahl, Nafsika Alexiadou, Marianne Dovemark, Inger Erixon-Arreman, Ann-Sofie Holm, Ulf Lundström, Kristiina Brunila, Elina Ikävalko, Tuuli Kurki, Katariina Mertanen, Berglind Rós Magnúsdóttir, Jaakko Kauko and Anna Medvedeva.

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Seminar: Gender politics in Turkey

Professor Fatmagül Berktay from Istanbul University (Faculty of Political Sciences) will talk on Gender Politics in Turkey on a seminar 11 May at the University of Gothenburg. The seminar is linked to a more general discussion of democracy and human rights.

Professor Berktay’s main research areas are political philosophy, history of political thought and feminist theory. She has been active in Turkish women’s movement since the 1980’s.

Marie Carlson.

Marie Carlson.

“We have also invited for a panel discussion: The Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Gothenburg, Helena Lindholm, Professor of Peace and Development Research, Elisabet Öhrn, Professor of Education, University of Gothenburg and PhD Oksana Shmulyar-Gréen from the Department of Sociology and Work Science, University of Gothenburg,” says JustEd member Marie Carlson, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Gothenburg, who will moderate the seminar.

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