6. Publications

Selected peer reviewed publications and reports dealing tropical peat (from our group):

Ecological prerequisites for successful reforestation of
degraded tropical peatlands

To treat or not to treat? The seedling performance of native tree species for reforestation on degraded tropical peatlands of SE Asia

Land use increases the recalcitrance of tropical peat

Tropical peat decomposability expressed through physical, chemical and biological properties under varying land management intensities

Denial of long-term issues with agriculture on tropical peatlands

Management driven changes in carbon mineralization dynamics of tropical peat

Land use increases the recalcitrance

Greenhouse gas dynamics in degraded and restored tropical peatlands

Heterotrophic respiration in drained tropical peat is greatly affected by temperature – A passive ecosystem cooling experiment

Surface peat structure and chemistry in a tropical peat swamp forest

Canal blocking strategies for hydrological restoration of degraded tropical peatlands in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Forestry practices on peatlands

Overview of peatlands

Drained Inland Organic Soils (2013 Supplement to the 2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories)

Diffusion GHG fluxes at tropical peat drainage canal water surfaces

Nitrous oxide fluxes from tropical peat with different disturbance history and management

Carbon dioxide emissions from an Acacia plantation on peatland in Sumatra, Indonesia

Subsidence and carbon loss in drained tropical peatlands

Sensitivity of wetland methane emissions to model assumptions: application and model testing against site observations

Current and future CO2 emissions from drained peatlands in Southeast Asia

Controls on the carbon balance of tropical peatlands

Ecological Restoration of Tropical Peatlands – Current Knowledge and Future Research Directions

Carbon dioxide and methane fluxes in drainage affected tropical peat before and after hydrological restoration

Carbon fluxes from a tropical peat swamp forest floor


Our University of Helsinki tropical peat research group members’ publications (including non-tropical ones):
Jyrki Jauhiainen
Harri Vasander
Maija Lampela
Mari Könönen

Peat related publications (arctic to tropical) from our department can be found from selected publications of Department of Forest Sciences Peatland Ecology Group