Keys for Securing Tropical Peat Carbon

Project studied possibilities for the ex-MRP-area ecohydrological restoration at overdrained areas. The The work included establishment of small-scale hydrological restoration site outlining about 13 sq. km area on mismanaged peatland area near Kalampangan village in Central Kalimantan (Indonesia). Before/after restoration condition follow-up studies were conducted on peat hydrology, peat characteristics, peat originated greenhouse gas fluxes, nutrient cycle in soil and water, canal water fish and macro benthos populations in canals, mismanaged area vegetation cover, as well as studies on possibilities to establish/enforce forest growth leading to vegetation succession.


Cooperative organizations were University of Helsinki -coordination (Finland), CIMTROP (Indonesia), Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia), Indonesian Agency for the Assessment and Implementation of Technology (Indonesia), and external partners RESTORPEAT project and University of Leicester (United Kingdom).

Period: 2004 – 2006
Client/donor: Government of Finland (Academy of Finland)

Further information will be provided by Jyrki Jauhiainen and Harri Vasander