Kampar Science Based Management Support Project

Goal of the project base line studies is to define the hydrological conditions of the Kampar Peninsula peat dome in Sumatra (ID), develop tools to assess the rate of subsidence and CO2 emission from a peat area under given management strategies and qualitatively indicate the expected long-term hydrological and ecological impacts, develop and support measures to reduce subsidence and carbon emissions, provide a map of recommended land use zoning on the Kampar Peninsula on the basis of principles of hydrological and ecological sustainability and value of a conservation core of natural peat swamp forest.


Executing Agencies: Delft Hydraulics (NL) -coordination, Alterra / University of Wageningen (NL), ProForest (UK), University of Helsinki (FI), University of Leicester (UK), Freelance consultants.
Period: 2007 – 2010
Client/donor: Asia Pacific Recourses International Holdings Ltd

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