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Our email list is still the primary newsource regarding our events and important information about Asia, Africa or the Middle East related studies.


Subscribing to the list


  1. Send email to majordomo(a) Leave the subject blank. Write a message saying subscribe karavaani-lista [your email]. The email you submit should be the same you are sending the command from!


For example


TO: majordomo(a)

FROM: kalle.karavaanilainen(a)


MESSAGE: subscribe karavaani-lista kalle.karavaanilainen(a)



After your message is received, you will get a response asking you to verify your subscription. The response includes a long code.


  1. Send the verification by responding: auth [code] subscribe karavaani-lista.

If the message doesn’t work, you can try making the command shorted by using  \.


For example


MESSAGE: auth [CODE FROM PREVIOUS MESSAGE] subscribe karavaani-lista \






Send a message to majordomo(a) Leave the subject blank. Write: unsubscribe karavaani-lista [your email].


For example


TO: Majordomo(a)

FROM: kalle.karavaanilainen(a)


MESSAGE: unsubscribe karavaani-lista kalle.karavaanilainen(a)





This list is for everything Japan related information. Subscribing works the same as described above. Just remember to change the list name to Nihongaku-lista.