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Research Centre for Religious Education, Ethics and Philosophy Education focuses on a broad variety of issues in school education concerning religions and worldviews, ethics and philosophy, diversity and interculturality, freedom of religion, citizenship and human rights education and global education. The research group is also involved in studying and developing general education and subject didactics. Post-graduate students are actively engaging with a variety of issues concerning religion, education and multiculturalism.

The research group has published extensively research articles, doctoral dissertations and monographs on education, teaching and ethics. Specific research interest has been the implementation of different models of religious education, teacher’s competence, issues of plurality of values, human rights education, secularism and civic education. There is a growing interest in studying further questions relating to human rights, worldview education, diversity and social justice.

The prominent research project carried by the research group since 2013 has been the study of integrative religious and worldview education. The focus of such an education is on teaching different religions and worldviews from a study of religion standpoint that deals with the religious plurality of the students present in the classroom and more broadly in the society. The study critically examines the everyday life, interaction, pedagogical practices and societal and philosophical dimensions of integrative worldview subject. This project will further develop the theoretical analysis of religion, religious and worldview education in a secular society. The study utilizes a mixed methods design, combining quantitative and qualitative approaches. This research should have a significant social impact, as it will offer valuable knowledge on the educational principles by which future religious and worldview education should be arranged in Finnish schools.

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The research group can be characterized being very interdisciplinary and it works in close cooperation with the international partners in Warwick University and King’s College (UK), University of Södertörn (Stockholm) and North-West University (South-Africa).

The research group has been in charge of many international conferences in recent years such as International Seminar on Religious education and Values (ISREV, Turku 2013), EARLI SIG13 (2014 Helsinki), and Nordic Conference on Religious Education (NCRE, 2015 Tartu).


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