First Call for Papers

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KÄTU 2015: Communities of Translation and Interpreting

University of Helsinki, April 10–11, 2015

First Circular and Call for Papers


The purpose of the annual KÄTU symposia is to offer a common forum for researchers, translators and interpreters to exchange ideas and discuss developments in the field, present ongoing research and survey the state and status of Translation Studies. PhD students are an important target audience of each of the symposia, which offer doctoral candidates opportunities to receive feedback during the various stages of their research.

For more than a decade, the KÄTU symposia have gathered together professionals and scholars from all corners of the fields of translation and interpreting, both as audience and speakers. Each symposium is organized in turn by a Finnish university offering training for translators and interpreters together with the Teachers’ and Researchers’ Section of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters (SKTL). The next symposium is the third of its kind organized at the University of Helsinki.


The theme of the XIII symposium is Communities of Translation and Interpreting. Both translation and interpreting cover a broad spectrum of multilingual communication and all those working within it: translators and interpreters, teachers and scholars, clients, companies, associations and critics. With this uniting theme, KÄTU wishes to congratulate the SKTL on its 60th anniversary as one of the most important translation and interpreting organizations in the country.

Some of the sub-themes through which talks or papers may approach the main theme of Communities include:

  • the historical development of communities of translation and interpreting
  • the professionalization of the occupations of translator and interpreter
  • professional organizations in the field and their roles
  • networking and communality
  • translation, interpreting and solidarity
  • crowdsourcing as a strategy
  • translators and interpreters on social media
  • pooled resources empowering translators
  • translators/interpreters/translation researchers as a community of practice
  • translation researchers as a force for change
  • communities of readers of translations.

As always, topics in translation and interpretation other than those on the above list are more than welcome.


The speakers of the 2015 plenary presentations are Translators Without Borders founder Lori Thicke and professor of Translation Theory Kaisa Koskinen from the University of Eastern Finland. In addition to the plenary lectures, the schedule contains presentations (20 + 10 minutes) in parallel sections, workshops and poster presentations. The workshops will be held in two-hour sessions and may be used to address a broad topic in general terms (as panel discussions or in small groups) or to investigate a specific subject together from a problem-solving standpoint. A separate, one-hour session will be reserved for posters and refreshments.

We ask that proposals for workshop themes be sent by November 30, 2014, and proposals for section papers and posters by January 31, 2015. All proposals (max. 300 words) are to be sent as email attachments in rtf, doc or docx format to katu-2015(a) Please mention whether the proposal is for a workshop, section paper, or poster in the subject heading and in the proposal itself.

More information on the workshops will be forthcoming in the next circular, and approval of section papers and posters will be announced by February 28, 2015.


Finnish, Swedish and English are the primary working languages at the symposium and its sections. Contact the organizers for information about using other languages and the availability of interpreting services. NB: Only plenary presentations can be simultaneously interpreted.


Two publications will be produced based on the symposium. Part of the articles based on the KÄTU 2015 papers and posters are to be published in a special edition — entitled Communities of Translation and Interpreting — of the peer-reviewed journal Vita Traductiva ( Alternatively, articles can be submitted to the traditional KÄTU e-journal MikaEL; papers from previous symposia can be found at Writing instructions and information on the editors of both journals will be available at the symposium. After the event, publication will be announced via email.


Circulars pertaining to the KÄTU 2015 symposium will be published on the symposium’s website at A second circular with information on registration, fees, accomodation, and other practical matters will be published in January, 2015. Kindly use the email address katu-2015(a) for all correspondence about the symposium.


University of Helsinki
Juha Eskelinen
Ritva Hartama-Heinonen
Minna Hjort
Maarit Koponen
Mira Nyholm
Kristiina Taivalkoski-Shilov (chair)

The Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters,
Teachers’ and Researchers’ Section
Juha Eskelinen (University of Helsinki)
Minna Kumpulainen (University of Eastern Finland)
Leena Salmi (University of Turku)
Dieter Hermann Schmitz (University of Tampere)
Nestori Siponkoski (University of Vaasa)
Gun-Viol Vik (Section chair)